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can anyone supply me with any companies that offer car insurance for germany either phone numbers or web sites as i am posted there soon and need to get some quotes the numbers i have been given by base admin all said they dont do it apart from the naafi and they were just takin the p@*s with how much they wanted i have heard axa is the cheapest (may be wrong) but they say i need to speak to axa germany and they aint got the number so if anyone can help me out i would appreciate it loads thanks a lot
Some advice when looking to arrange motor insurance in Germany...

Of course the cost of your insurance is important – nobody wants to pay more than they have to! But it is very important to find out exactly what you get for your money.

There are a number of issues to consider when looking at European cover:

*Always look at the excesses in your policy. Many European companies will have considerable excesses payable, sometimes over £1000!
*Check whether the policy will cover you across Europe – very often the cover will vary between countries, which could mean that the company won’t pay out in certain circumstances.
*If you arrange a policy with a Germany-based company, they will require you to have a German bank account. This may not be convenient when you are being posted.
*If it is a hassle arranging insurance when you are being posted to Germany, it will be just as much hassle when you are posted back to the UK.

Consider some of the advantages that a specialist company such as NAAFI Financial can offer:

*Manageable excesses
*Pan European cover – we will keep the same level of cover throughout Europe.
*We will arrange your cover when you are posted back to the UK hassle-free.
*We can arrange to collect premiums from your UK bank account, so you don’t need to set up a separate account abroad.
*You will not be required to produce a certificate of ‘No Claims’, as we will provide discounts based on your driving experience.
*Unlimited third-party liability cover.
*Multiple Policy Discounts – if you have another insurance policy through NAAFI Financial (for example our Kit & Contents insurance, or a second car), we will give you 10% off.

To find out more about our motor insurance at home or abroad, visit our Website or call 00800 76 76 77 77 free from the UK and Germany, or +44 1603 205 209
Whilst the NAAFI financial post is all well and good, do not be put off getting insurance through a German insurer. I don't know if the NAAFI premiums are still as exhorbitant as they were (hopefully not) but I saved £800 a year by going with Axa.

I do believe that the NAAFI insurance has been ammended over the years to remove unneccessary facilities that were not really needed but you were being charged for such as free portside recovery. I mean, come on what is that? If you buy a new car, they usually come with free recovery for 3 years anyway.

One thing to keep in mind though is to take out legal cover as well. All the Germans have this and it will cover all legal costs should you have an accident. Without it, you will be liable for costs incurred for translating documents in English and any other associated costs. Also check that the insurance give you personal liability for up to £5,000,000. A lot only give you £1,000,000 and this iis not enough for the money grabbing Germans if they decide to sue you.


As in most things in life you get what you pay for. I know many who shopped around and were very happy. Others found that the level of insurance was not quite what they bargained for.

On a personal note after an accident on the autobahn I found that NAAFI insurance looked after us well with no hassle and everything going smoothly.

Personal choice but beware of going for the cheapest option.

I think LOA takes higher insurance costs abroad into account as well.
Spot on Percy !

Any insurer is only as good as their response when you have a problem, what you save on the premium is often lost on the refund.

I was persuaded by the "Direct Line" blurb about their affordable service on TV many years ago ....certainly cheaper but when I had my car nicked they were absolute pants. Hours wasted on the phone, obstructive, uncooperative and mean as hell on the payout of an almost new car. I would never, ever, use any of their services again - they are great until you want to claim.

Once bitten twice shy - on insurance, you get what you pay for.

It's worth knowing that although the evil empire of the BFG VLO say that only certain insurers are acceptable, this is not actually the case. You can use any insurer, providing you can provide a letter stating that they understand they are insuring the car for BFG. This is particularly useful for unusual or classic cars.

That said, I was with NAAFI/NU for years and they were very competitive. When I had a claim there was an initial balls-up by someone in a call centre who had my car taken to the wrong garage (who did a crap job), but they had the work redone by a BMW approved workshop without a drama.

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Have to agree with you on most of the points there, however for having now spent the last 5 years in europe and not making any claims. The difference in a UK policy quote and a BFG quote both with naafi insurance is nearly £900. This seems rather excesive for a green card and legal fees. If you look at it from the point of view of not claiming at all in 5 years in BFG. Then it is rather a lot of money. (£4500). Dont get me wrong though I have had no problems with them and people I have spoke to have had a quick result after accidents where as local company's seem to drag their feet at every turn.
Not sure how much Naafi has changed recently but when i was in Germany Naafi quoted me 300 pounds A MONTH to insure my Car fully Comp but when i went with AXA they only charged me 95 pounds a month!

Having said that if this is your first tour in Germany do not fall into the trap many soldiers do and become attracted by the Tax free incentives and get your self a high performance car, yes it may be cheap but most german insurance coy will not insure you at all therefore Naafi can name their price!

If you are bringing your own car across i strongly recomend you look for local insurance but be sure to read the policy carefully to make sure you will be covered in certain circumstances for example in Germany most insurance companies will not pay out in the event of an accident involving wildlife ie hitting a deer in the road (very common)

good luck

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