Car Insurance for 17 year old stationed in Germany

My 17 year old son has just been posted to Osnabruck and wants to get a car. Currently he “owns” a car in the UK but to keep insurance down his older sister (20 and with a good insurance history) registered and insured it with him as a named driver. The only way I can see that he can take the car out to Germany and use it freely without fear of getting pulled is for him to register the car in his name and insure it.

So this is where I come in. I’m trying to find an insurance company that will take him on (3rd party only) and let him drive it in Germany. All the insurers I’ve spoken to so far just laugh!

Seems a little strange to me. The Army taught him to drive a car and a tank yet he can’t get any insurance! Maybe I’m cynical or maybe I’m not looking in the right places.

I will be grateful for any advice.
As far as I can remember (but the evil empire known as the BFGVLO change the rules regularly), it is not necessary to be the owner of a car before you can BFG register it. His sister can export it and he can BFG register it as his own. However, for your son to register 'his' car he will need to be insured in his own right, the others not being entitled to BFG registration.

As to insurance, NAAFI Financial would be a good place to start getting quotes, followed by the two main German net brokers who deal with the local insurers, O. Girke and Ellen Culpeck. They advertise in Sixth Sense and the 'Welcome to Germany' booklet everyone gets before they go. Their are some other UK insurers who advertise in Sixth Sense and can sometimes offer good deals. As a last resort, speak to one of the specialist young driver insurers like Adrian Flux, and see if they can offer a policy that will meet the BFG requirements - BFGVLO list 'approved' insurers, but in fact you can use any providing the company meet the BFG criteria.

I would also recommend that your son speak to his unit's BFG Licencing Officer, or writes to the BFGVLO for written confirmation of anything that is unclear.

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There was a piece on UK TV recently, which covered a sort of Pay-as-you-drive insurance for youngsters.

The idea was that it focussed younger drivers on when to use at cheapest rate (daytime). If your lad is auf manoever he doesn't want to be paying insurance for a car parked in barracks.

Just an idea.


My own memory is that all Germany insurance was fully comp-any driver, and was thus very expensive. 25 was the roll over point when I managed to insure a GTI for the same cost as a 1300 sewing machine, but that was a few years ago
Also if he is the owner of the vehicle, but it has been registered by his sister as her being the owner, then both are commiting offences. :D

Sorry bored tonight.

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