Car Insurance Con ??

Can any one explain to me why fully comp insurance on a vauxhall astra estate 1.7td costs me £202=00 and is group 4 and yet because i wanted an astra van which has the same engine, same body shell (apart from no side windows etc) costs me £316=00 fully comp - seems a bit of a con to me - both insured for social domestic and commuting. why the rip off ??????????
Insurance full stop in Germany is a con. Im posted to Germany where NAAFI want £70.00 p/m fully comp for a 1100cc Honda m/c. Same bike in the UK is an average of £24.00 p/m fully comp, (5 different quotes).
Commercial vans are routinely burgled for tools, etc, and suffer far higher relative rates of insurance claim. Since there is little chance of locking away the criminals, its much easier to make owners pay more insurance.
Osacin commercial vehicles always cost more because as a rule people leave lots of expensive tools in them overnight. Also this sort of car is normally used for work hence is not treated the same as the much loved family car which results in a higher amount of claims.

Extankie motorbikes in Germany always cost a bomb because there is only one or two uk companies who will insure you in Germany they just charge what they like.
Still seems a con - i only bought it to carry model planes around in - what i cant see those is if they know thru the terms of the insurance ie social domestic and commuting i will be treating it exactly the same as a car/estate - i can store all my tools in the boot of my saloon car without being penalised - just seems a bit steep - appreciate that if it came out that i had told the insurance companises porkies about its use i would be in the brown and smelly. but surely the same should apply to an estate car which has got blacked out rear windows (which is totally legal).
further to my comments above - does blacking the windows out on an estate car/mpv up the insurance ? would it be constured as a mod ? - havent asked the insurance company that one yet

Seems reasonable to me. Where, roughly do you live. Having a Manchester postcode, your new 'van' would likely cost more than that here.
I suspect that there are two factors affecting motorcycle insurance in BFG. One is the BFG licensing system which seeks to restrict individuals to a specific group of insurers. In fact, you can use who you like, provided they offer a laid down minimum level of cover. In practice, most of the big companies not already in the cartel won't be arrsed to sort something out, but some of the specialists will.

The other is that the percieved risk is much higher than in UK; young, relatively inexperienced riders can get much bigger bikes than they may be used to; couple this with driving abroad and it's easy to see why insurers want to play safe. Some of this perception is probably based on statistics and claims from 15-20 years ago when deaths of BFG soldiers in RTAs was an almost weekly occurrence, and insurers are not known for backtracking and lowering prices because the risk is less. Unfortunately experienced and sensible riders will get caught by it.
The problem is that the company dont care about your intended use of the vehicle. As you know insurance is based on the collective risk and claims experience of the car.

Blacked out windows will count as a mod but i hope woudnt affect the premium if it does then argue the toss.
Northern_biff - live in the sunny south in sussex - can see the sea from bedroom window - and sea air rusts cars like buggery. not compared prices with other areas - ill find a po box in the outer hebridies that should bring it down - have to pay - so ill get on with it - just seems a lot to pay for the privilege of not having any side windows.

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