Car Insurance - any recommendations?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by silvestermk2, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. Best quote i can get on is over 300 pounds on a s reg diahatsu charade! Considering I have 15 years no claims and the car itself is only worth £800 this seems a bit excessive to me. Can anyone recommend any independent brokers or insurance companies that don't rip off members of the armed forces.
  2. I used to use Swiftcover until this year when they decided to hike my premium by £140. I did a bit of t' internet searching and got lucky with Aviva who were £90 less than I was previously paying.

    At times it does pay to give the larger companies a try, even those who normally charge the earth.

    I've also got 15 years no claims.
  3. Just today, I insured a little Citroen for £320 fully comp for a year with Co-Op insurance services which I thought wasn't too bad. Car insurance has been rocketting sky high.
  4. Check out all those silly little reward cards you have - some of those companies (Tesco / Sainbury's) do some good deals if you shop with them. I'm with Swift and the only advantage was at the end of my first year they gave me an extra year (with them only) no cliams, so they were always the cheapest.
  5. Mine is due aswell this week, best quote I can get so far is £730 with admiral. Insurance is ******* ****. ******* bleed me dry the *****.
  6. Whatever you do, stay the fu£k away from ESure for anything insurance related. All nice and cheap until you try and claim for something.
  7. After previously using Elephant & swiftcover i'm currently with 1st central, it's another Internet Car Ins company


    Mind you it was found using that Confused website so take your choice..
  8. If you are over 40 I can recommend Privilege. I pay £390 fully comp for my Lexus RX300.
  9. I think they are pretty much all like that mate. I claimed a few years ago after I wrote my R6 off, which was not my fault.

    The insurance company absolutely dragged their heals and tried every way they could to wriggle out of it, and then when they did agree to pay up they tried to fob me off with a lower sum. Luckily this went on through the winter and I didn't miss out much on not having a bike so I dug in and got the full payment.
  10. Just tried them. Over a grand and over double what Saga charge for my 175 ponies. If you're 50+ that is :bigsmurf:

  11. Finally got it sorted, after a few phone calls and playing companies off against each other the AA came up trumps. Took a bit of time and hassle though. Car insurance, even when using and alike is a bloody nightmare.
  12. Adrian Flux brokers has been the best for me the last two years but have to play other companies off and get a price match.