Car Insurance - Advice needed.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Bagster, Oct 7, 2005.

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  1. The story is this......
    I've just sold my car prior to deploying to Iraq next week for a six monther. I phoned my car insurance to cancel my policy but when I explained why, they said that after six months no driving in the UK, my no claims bonus becomes null and void and that if i wish to continue my cover with them when I get back, I'll start at 0 no claims bonus.

    Can anyone tell me whether this is right? If so, is it just certain companies or are some insurers more understanding of HM forces and their situation.

    Cheers in advance.
  2. If your old man/mate/girlfriend has a cheap sensible car. Change your insurance to their car on third party driver only. Then when you return and get a new car you just change back again.

    It works as long as your old man doesn't cancel his insurance and drive around on yours.
  3. Don't sell the car, :wink: :wink: :wink:

    put into "your mums very safe off road alarmed car park" :wink: :wink: and change your insurance to 3rd party fire and theft, or whatever the cheapest cover is for the car you did not sell :wink: :wink: :wink:

    then if it got stolen :wink: :wink: you would be covered.

    If on return 6 months later and your car was still there :wink: :wink: then sell it and buy a new one retaining your full no claims.

    Or sell it , buy a wreck for 50 quid , insure it for the third party and get AA cover. Park it on camp. On your return ... you might !! :wink: :wink: need the AA cover to get you you nearest mate who owns a scrappers yard as HE will be fixing it for you :wink: :wink:

    Again your no claims is is full.
  4. I think it's just the company you are dealing with. Hang on to your current certificate and statement of facts and in 6 months time you should be able to prove your no claims is valid with a new company. Even though you have been away you will still be driving Rovers and the like, just don't volunteer any info without being asked it. Applying on the internet there are no questions of that nature..
  5. I was told that you can get a certificate which lasts for up to 2 years, so that you can present it to your new insurance company. Assuming you have more than 1 years no claims of course.

    Edited for using thumbs to type.
  6. Bagster, they're talking sh1te. You are allowed to transfer your no-claims discount between insurers as long as the period is less than 2 years.
  7. Here Here.
  8. instead of buying a car just look for one on the road and use that reg ie use a robin reliant or anything in the cheapest insurance group then no need to buy it and no chance of a claim
  9. The Matelot is correct - it's 2 years before you lose your NCD with almost all insurers.

    If you had not already sold your car, most insurers do a 'laid up' policy, which is very cheap and ideal if the car is not being used whilst you are away. I put mine in a garage on camp, got friends to keep an eye on it, and paid about £40 for 4 months cover.
  10. Standard industry practice is to allow 2 years before no-claims becomes invalid. Sounds to me like you are with a dodgy company who just want your money. It would be worth phoning back and asking to speak to the manager and mentioning to him/her that you may be calling the insurance ombudsman for a wee chat. See what happens.
  11. That's brilliant advice guys, thanks very much

    Just to warn you all off, I doubt i'm allowed to tell you which insurance company it is, but just to give you a clue, if I were french, I'd call it "plus de", german "mehr als" or spanish "mas de". Once again, thanks for the advice. 8)
  12. Thanks for the tip - that's "more than" helpful for those of anxious to avoid companies that screw the Forces!
  13. I can think of another company that shafts the forces when you need to move bases and your cover and load your premium by 15%(cnuts). Of course, if I were to mention the name of said insurance company, I'd have to go and live in 'Norwich' and the world would certainly not be in 'union' if that were to happen.........

    Oh, and as I found out when I renewed my insurance a few weeks ago, because I'm 'Privileged' to be in the forces, they refuse to allow me to drive another car on third party cover like most insurers tend to do. Cheap cover though.....
  14. I have found Admiral and Bell Insurance (they are part of the same company, but they will try and beat each other!) consistently the cheapest for the last 8+ years. When renewing I always try and find a cheaper quote, which they will then beat or match at the very least. If you have been a customer for more than a year, don't forgot to ask for a 'loyalty discount' - it almost always works.