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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by PK, Feb 7, 2005.

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  1. PK

    PK Old-Salt

    Does anyone know if it is possible to book hire cars through MT for personal use? I'm going to check with my MTO in the morning but wondering if anyone can give me a rough idea.


  2. Just dont state its for personal use ? if possible that is ?
  3. Not sure about that, but I doubt it. Nonetheless, if you look in the Forces Discount Brochure, you'll find a discount worth having (at least you did last year). Always worth a look.
  4. The answer is simply NO! What you could do is use the duty civ cars on the quiet!!
  5. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Yes you can on a repayment journey. The work ticket entry is filled out in red. Your MT should have the details. PRI minibuses can normally be hired cheaply too.

    The other way round it is to conjour some "collection of stores" or other scam on your transport request. Not that would be advisable, or has been done. In fact it's a stupid idea.
  6. Stupid? Maybe
    Popular? Definately

    On a more serious note, I just discovered that you can use Kelkoo to get prices for car-hire.
    I put in a sample for 2 days & got quotes ranging from £45 to £165.


  7. I thought this was the case too but were recently told very firmly by our MT PSI that it definitely couldn't be done any more? Our booked transport was revoked at the last minute as it wasn't deemed an official journey.

    We ended up hiring a car from Alamo (in the Forces Discount Brochure) and the only itsy-bitsy problem was that even though the hire place was on the edge of the Congestion Charge zone, the cnuts didn't bother to explain Ken's Piracy Scheme to us. We both being out-of townies too...

    Bottom line is we found out too late (past Midnight) and collected a £50 fine for non-payment. Alamo immediately paid it for us (thus waiving my right of appeal) and took the fine, plus a £25 "Admin Fee" from my credit card. All plus VAT of course. Not bad money for writing a cheque and printing off a standard letter.

    I phoned and in the end wrote in to complain and got an apology plus half the Admin fee back as "compensation". i.e. it was a fekking expensive day out to help the Army publicity machine out! Next time they can provide a green cab or poke it.

    Oh and if I was ever to need to hire a car in London again, I'm not sure I'd rush back to Alamo / National ...

    sticky :evil:
  8. The ability to use MT on a Repayment Basis has faded into obscurity. I don't know anyone in the MT world that would go anywhere near it. We spoke to the MOD Legal guys about it at an MT conference a few years ago - the insurance aspect of it was so grey it was deemed a bad thing.

    Just a point if you do decide to bend the rules & use MT for personal use. If you get in an accident and you are not on official Duty, you are not insured. MOD will basically tell you to poke off and you'll be personally liable for damage & injury caused. Could be quite a large sum of money after a protracted court case for loss of earnings, mental anguish etc. That isn't really worth it.

    Sticky - you gotta be mad to use a car in London - never mind hiring one!
  9. From my experience, an internet quote is always cheaper than the fixed discount available from the Forces Discount Brochure
  10. I can see that some of you are aware of repayment (Purpose of Travel Code: 00).

    Whilst it is still possible, what you have to bear in mind is:

    A Insurance (very grey area)
    B How would we recover the cash from you (nobody say 1680, you are boring me). Dodgy cash transactions are just what the Army needs, cheers for that (not)..
    C With white fleet contracts, can you really see any of the companies involved being happy to do this?

    PRI is a different matter, but the moral of the story is read the discount brouchure, or just trying showing you ID at a hire company for that cheeky discount you might get.