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Hi all, does anyone know of a reputable company that does really cheap car rental in Italy, ive tried Hertx etc and the all seem to be trying to rip me off. Going out after christmas and over new year.
We've used the usual suspects (Hertz etc) but I'd be wary about using smaller, and cheaper ones, as they can often be pretty dire in terms of service and letting you have an unexpected bill 3 weeks after you retruned the car. The best of the non-mainstream ones was Targarent which was fine when we used it last. Part of Fiat, I think.
Would recommend you consider "Europcar" they have thousands of branches across the EU - you can make a booking at your local branch. They will make the appropriate arrangements for you in Italy.
If you can, try and rent the car off-airport and save yourself the 14%+ airport hire tax.

Friends of ours used to fly out, rent a car from Avis for 24h, with drop off at our home town, and drive down to stay with us.
The following day (having pre-arranged this with the local Avis manager) the vehicle would be returned and our friends would ask for the car they had reserved from the local chap, with drop-off back at the airport.

Of course, as luck would have it, the local branch had exactly the vehicle they were looking for, and would our friends mind dropping it off at the airport to save having to call a transporter to do the job.
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