Car Facts

1. The Mini Cooper was created by John Cooper, but named after Tommy Cooper, who made John laugh
2. If you laid all the cars BL made in 1975 end to end, they would resemble the M6 during the rush hour.
3. The Rover 100 Kensington's gearbox had nine gears, but the gearlever only let you select the first five.
4. The biggest production car ever was the British built Citroen 2CV, after the person reading the plans mistook Metres (M) for Miles (M).
5. The Space Shuttle uses several parts from the Leyland Parts Bin, including a Morris Minor Speedometer and left over Quartic seering wheels.
6. Chrome is made by mashing thousands of paperclips together.
7. The Maestro by Rover wears Expression by Calvin Klein.
8. Satellite Navigation was first avaliable in the Vanden Plas Princess, but as there were no Satellites in space at the time, it was useless
9. Petrol is just water with added smell - it's the world's biggest scam.
10. The Marina was avaliable in 1.2, 1.8 and 8.4 litre variants.
11. Leyland sold more cars than they did strawberries.
12. If you pull the headlining out of an Allegro 2, you'll find a handwritten note from a priest apologising for the build quality.
13. The first Model T Ford was made of bacon. Birds ate it.
14. The MGB is the reddest car ever
15. Sunroofs were created by accident by a drunk windscreen fitter
16. The Austin Three Litre is actually not made of liquid.
17. In South Africa the Triumph Toledo was sold under the name Dave
18. Popular DJ Dr Fox is not a doctor.
19. Nor is he a Fox.
20. Not much of a DJ either.
21. Renault build Rover 75s under licence, and then crush them as an act of defiance

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