car driving test

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by killergibbo, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. from what i understand u get tested for ya car liece in phase 2..

    but will we be giving are full driving licence then in phase 2...or will we have to wait awhile.

    and what do you have to do while being tested...i can drive just wanna know what sort of testing condirions ur are in!!
  2. Any chance of having that in English and I may be able to answer the question, if there was a question in there?
  3. You're right, no question marks! So it must be a message from beyond.


  4. 1. drivin hin der car is wat u do if its wot u do int army

    2. test condishuns, has to driv da car wif ya body harmor an elmit on, but tem na fire henifink bigga dan 30mm grinaids at ya

    hand eyes predicts E3 on da numbirs an litters ting
  5. Well with an appalling grasp of the Queens English I don't think you'll even pass the theory as you cant read the road stop chav speak and say it again.....properly!
  6. From my short time of viewing threads/posts on here, I have noticed that the English language holds alot of pride amongst these forums.
    And it seems that the people that use it incorrectly don't last very long around here either.
    Just something I've noticed.
    gawt no ansa 2 da abuv gwestuns dou mush....
  7. yo bruv, wilcum 2 da gitto

    wikked innit
  8. ahhh bruv dis place is bangin' itiz gud 2 c peepul tlkin' lyk da avrg chav rwnd dese prts!

    (And that is actually harder to type than just writing/typing correctly! Makes no sense to me why people do it! :( maybe I'm just odd)

  9. Well I think I have worked out what you are trying to ask :scratch: I can answer your first question...Phase 2 here in Bovy do have driving lessons as you see them driving around in BSM driving school cars...I think you get to take your driving test in Dorchester.