Car dealer problems..advice?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by syledis, May 25, 2008.

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  1. I have a few problems with Arnold Clarke Nissan in Linwood, Glasgow. Are there any consumer gurus or legal experts on here who can give me some advice on how to proceed?
  2. Give details!

    We need details.

    We LOVE details.

    Mostly so we can say 'I had that problem with *****,' or 'Firebomb his dealership, that'll learn 'im.'
  3. Ok, ill try to keep it brief and not dig too big a hole for myself for being a dick.

    Went to dealership in Linwood to look at Nissan Pathfinder, and was told they had one in Dundee branch but wanted £200 deposit to bring it down.

    I drove to Dundee, liked it but couldnt agree deal with sales " executives" there.

    I rceived a good trade in and good deal in Linwood and agred to buy car , iwas assured that it had Full main dealer service history. (you can see where this is going!)

    Went to get car, all ok serviced etc, but no service book, salesman said that guys in Dundee said they lost it, as they were upset at not getting sale. I actually believed this as they were rude and abrasive. I got it in writing i would receive an new one within 3 weeks. Went away happy.

    3 weeks later , no book, so i call up, and was told that there was no book but they would issue a new on , but first service stamp would be missing, this would invalidate warranty but they said they would honour it verbally but not in writing. I said i would return car then, but after lots of calls they have got Nissan Uk to agree to honour the 3 year warranty and i have called Nissan to confirm this and they will stamp first serice at 26000 rahter than 18000.

    The point is, im on a boat right now in Indonesia and heave spent a lot of cash on calls to them etc, as well as the buggeration factor and the lies i was told throughout. I dont nee to be told how stupid i was , but can i claim formy calls, time, etc from them and should i do it through small claims?

    Over to you legs!
  4. Get in touch with trading standards, I have only used them once in a dispute with orange but they were very good and explained what I should do and what my options were.
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I worked for Renault after crimbo in their complaint's dept before I 'left'.
    A/C in Glasgow were well known for their 'attitude' (or lack of it) towards customer's,particulary the service side.
    If you PM me what's wrong I might be able to tell you what they my say,Renault own Nissan so the proceedures may be the same.
    (one girl had 6 serious fault cases on the go at one time belonging to A C Glasgow.)
    Your best bet is to contact Nissan customer services & the CAB as well as the Motor Trade governing body.

    Here is Nissaan complaints

    (Renault own 55% of Nissan & it looks like they share the same offices as the address is the same!)

    Also found this

    Hope it's of use.
  6. The car istself is fine , no problems at all, its just thet i believe they knew all the time there was no first service and hoped i would go away. I did get a reference number from nissan to quote if there is ever any poblem with the service mileage difference so thats ok as well. I had to do all of the calls and chasing around for this book and they sat back and did sod all. At one point they even arued that the car did not have a service history in the online ad. A one year old car with no history FFS! I just want a bit of payback thats all.
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The was one bloke who bought a Renaut 2 1/2 years ago say but when he needed work done on the car,his 3 year warrenty had expired as the car was in fact 3 1/2 year old as it sat in the yard for a year before being sold & first registered!
    Another woman bought a new Coupe Cab & when she took the car in for work under warrenty she was told it was invaid as the car was a insurance write off from the floods.
    Both were sold by network dealers.If the are a high number of complaints about a dealer they can loose their franchise.Arnold Clark Edinburgh are one that recently lost theirs, as did Charles Hurst Belfast.
  8. i have cheked and the car still has 2 years warranty on it. It seems that Arnold Clark pull this one quite a lot. Ill wait until ive got the servcie book in my mitts before i do anything else. Thanks for the advice
  9. OK, there are a few things that come to mind over this.

    As I understand it, you we told that you were buying a car with a full dealer service history, and what you got was a car that was missing a stamp, and you had to fight to ensure you got your full remaining dealer warranty.

    You have sorted out the warranty issue now, and your remaining issue is solely with the fact that you have a book with a duff stamp in it?

    Now then. If you were informed at the time of sale that the car had a full dealer history, and that formed part of the descision to buy, then that is a contractual issue. I take it that you are quite happy with the car itself? If so, then what you have to consider is whether you would have still purchased the car had you known about the service book issue, and if you would have done, would you have still paid the price that you paid?

    If the answer is no to either, and you feel that any reasonable person would have come to the same conclusion then you have a case for recompense.

    I would, in the first instance, write to the selling garage, the fact that the car came from another garage is irrelavent, your contract is with Arnold Clark, and state your case. You need to be quite robust, but polite in tone. It is also in your interests to state what you are looking for them to do to put things right. You need to be resonable. It's no good looking for them to pay you half the price of the car back, it won't happen and the courts wouldn't look favourably on you should it end up going to court later on. If you feel that the car is worth £500 less then you need to state that. You also need to consider whether the resale value of your vehicle has been affected by the lack of that stamp. Ensure that this is stated in the letter.

    At this point it is not appropriate to involve Nissan Customer Service. Your contract is with the supplying dealer, not with Nissan. Should your efforts prove fruitless with AC, then you should approach Nissan. If you still have no joy, then you should approach your local trading standards.

    Remember to always put things in writing, it gives you a much stronger case later on should you need it. Follow up telephone calls with a letter. Think long and hard about what you want. Do you still want the car? If not, tell them so. You will almost certainly be charged a reasonable amount for the amount of use you have had from the vehicle, if you have put 5000 miles on it, you can expect to get your money back less an appropriate amount for that use, unless you can appeal to their better nature and get that for goodwill.

    Good luck and remember, losing your temper will get you nowhere, it'll just put their backs up and put them firmly on the defensive. Be polite, state the facts, ensure that you put copies of any correspondance that backs up your case, ensure you state what you want them to do to put things right.
  10. Well, he obviously didn't read the small print. Warranties run from date of first registration, not the time they spend in yards before being registered! Do do so would plainly be silly. Are we to assume then, that the warranty starts from when the vehicle comes off the production line? There is no other common baseline on which to base a warranty. Think about the, literally, millions of cars, worldwide, that are sat in manufacturers storage areas. some of those can be there for months awaiting transport halfway around the world.....

    As for the woman with the CC, then she had a claim under the sale of goods act. Either way they were protected.
  11. Best bet is to make a list of all the calls and correspondence that you had to make, see if you have proof of correspondence (phone bills etc) and see if you can add up a cost (actual cost, not what you see it should be for hurt feelings compo).

    Personally, if the cost isn't that much to go, I would write it off as a hard lesson learnt and one you'd know for another next time. Write on as much consumer websites about the shite service you had, a strong word letter to branch manager (if you haven't done this already), have a strong large curry and empty the flavoured back end product in a small plastic box and send it to the same garage after inserting a memo stating that this is how you feel about their sales attitude.
    Without knowing how much is involved, my guess is that this is the better option (I would choose); can you imagine if every single person who's pissed off with unwarranted crap behaviour took a claim against that retail store/company? Bedlam! :wink:

    If the cost is something short of a monthly bill, go to Trading Standards before thinking of pursuing a small claims as they might interject with Nissan for you. I personally had mixed exeriences with TS - most them good but I have come across one lazy bastard whose conclusion I had expected six months before he actually came back to me and I had since continued successfully on my own, so it won't hurt to look at what would be needed in pursuing a claim through the County Court and what you would need to show to convince a judge. Here's one link that might be useful: if you wish to continue via courts.
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Having worked for Renault,who own 55% of Nissan & assuming that they use the same CS proceedures (They share the same offices at Shepton Malett) the is one thing that springs to mind.
    When the warrenty has expired & say you need a new clutch at £1500 fitted at 75000miles on a 4 year old car,the first thing they ask is do you have a "Full Renault/Nissan service history?"(FRSH) If you can prove you have by the service manual all well & good as the guidelines that they use show what is covered,how much the cover is in percentages & the level of good will that can be offered.If the is no service history & work needs doing,proving it would be extreemly difficult especially if the dealer has closed or changed franchise.
    Eg,Coils on the Laguna are prone to going at various stages & it's common for one to fail,be replaced & then a third fail 3 months later.These are covered up to 100.000miles. Now someone with a FRSH who's car has done 105.000miles may get help whereas someone with part or none FRSH with only 101.000miles may get none.
    One of the big complaints we got was the £75.00 initial diagnostic charge,customers would call up saying "I've had 2 headlight bulbs in 6 months" & then refuse/argue over the charge saying that all they want is a new bulb but the garage will argue that the diagnostic needs to be done & that if it is'nt it could affect the warrenty.
  13. The plan is to stamp the 18000 Mile service but the mileage will be 26000 with a reference number to Nissan Uk if any problems occur honouring the warranty, Im just pissed off that i fell for it, and that they seem to do this regularly to customers. Im not looking for a lot of cash, just enough for my calls and being messed about, and i would like to incovenience them a bit and make the salesman sweat with a small claims court invitation, but i will only do this, after i get the book and it is stamped correctly. Thanks again for your help
  14. Done this before with a Peugeot dealer that "lost" my service history book at 54000 miles, where I had serviced the car at different dealers regularly.

    I informed the police of the theft of the book (as its a document that affects the value of a car), but police not interested in pursuing. Checked the financial effect on my car with AA Legal, they advised at least 10-15% of the value of the car.

    Took dealer to small claims court and won, £1000 and told by the judge that if the dealer didnt honour the decision, he would ensure an item would be removed from the dealership and sold to cover my award.

    Received bankers draft within 4 days.

    Suspect book stolen to go to another car with the VIN details changed!
  15. The car value should be ok as it will be fully stamped . i just want to mess them around like they did me.