Car Dealer License ?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by CptDanjou, Jul 4, 2013.

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  1. Just watched Dominic Littledick on Cowboy Traders , tonight he was doing his superhero bit and exposing some porridge wog car dealer , he reckoned you have to have a license to be a used car dealer , never heard that before , any truth in it or is he just a Cowboy presenter ?
  2. Not an expert but never heard of a licence to deal in cars.
    Perhaps he was referring to the licence needed to sell the associated financial packages.

    I can't stand the tosser. Dominic that is- not the porridge wog car dealer
  3. He's a tosser of a presenter, and the BBC are biased when it comes to these programmes - in my opinion. They talk about cowboy builders, but never say anything about all the builders out there that get stung for their money!

    As for licences, licence has just become a generic term for any sort of ticket nowadays. I've wound up loads of poeple by pointing out that there's no such thing as a forklift licence in this country, for example. Even though hundreds of job adverts ask for one. Let alone, chain saw licences, sandwich making licences, digging in the street licences, etc... I tell them I got my first "swimming licence" when I was just 10...
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  4. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Yep sell more than two cars a year and you could be described as a dealer and therefore have to register as such.
  5. *sigh* It's 'licence' not 'license'. I don't care if it is 'Merica Day, this is the UK.

    I thank you.

  6. It's bollocks, you just need to register as self employed and have a motor trade insurance policy.

    And I agree with you, D.L. is a stupid little shrunken monkey who wishes he'd been tall and intelligent enough to join the police or forces.
  7. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    dom used to be a car dealer up the road from here so I guess he knows the crack .
  8. Bollocks

    I'll say that again for clarity, just like I'm giving an 'O' group


    You do not need any authority to sell a car that you own on the street.

    Croydon Council tried this a few years ago and ended up in very hot water legally. They claimed that if you put a notice in your car on a residential street that it was for sale you needed a street traders licence. Which legally was total shite. They then set about removing cars showing for sale signs from outside of residents homes.

    Legally they never had a leg to stand on, and got hammered in the courts, particularly after removing a classic 1960s Mercedes, valued at over £20k, even though the owner was advertising it for far less for a quick sale.

    Croydon council is full of vicious petty bureaucrats who come the glorious day of the revolution will be shot or strung up.
  9. Well if, as you say, no permits then there should be. Most of the cars I see for sale on the streets are end of life wrecks bought cheaply at auction and then had a bit of a polish and tidy up. Too many doing it for a living as well to subsidise the JSA or Disability benefit.

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  10. There's a chap on my street who does it for a living, he buys slightly damaged cars at auction, repairs them properly and sells them on, good luck to him I say.

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  11. There's one local to me, doesn't have a "car dealers licence" that I know of, but he is a licensed credit broker. Only place some of the locals have a hope in hell of becoming car owners.
  12. Signallers

    Signallers Book Reviewer

    Only if your selling more than something like 12 a year.
  13. So no one here is 100% sure you need a license and can offer a link ?
  14. Presumably, if you sell a number (?) of cars you can be classed as a trader.
    As a trader you have more responsibility to your customer than a private seller. Sale of Goods Act etc?