Car damaged on car park in camp

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, May 14, 2006.

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  1. Some advise from anyone here would be useful,

    I had my car parked on a camp this weekend, while it was parked up it was hit by another car, there was some damage to my car (cracked bumper and scuff marks) . At the site of the impact there was some broken indicator plastic, two cars down there was a knackered old wreck with a broken indicator, the broken fragments matched! I reported the incident to the guard room and the guard commander came and viewed the damage and took some details.

    I went and saw the local provost who told me that it had nothing to do with them as it was two civilian vehicles involved, I have the cars reg number and the name and rank of the owner, I also photographed both vehicles including the skid marks where the car tried to stop.

    The question is who should I contact to follow up this incident as I believe the owner was only a visitor for a mess function and can I claim through my car insurance against the owner or is it not valid because the incident took place on in affect private property?

    Any help appreciatted.
  2. im afraid unless you have specified you want insured in camp you wont be
    and your insurance is null when your parked in camp
  3. where the accident took place should not affect the issue of insurance. you will be able to claim against his insurance policy. he may well be guilty of failing to stop/ givw particulars following an accident even though the accident took place on crown property. i would contact the owner of the vehicle if you are sure it was his vehicle that crashed into yours, and if he is unco-operative i suggest you report it to the monkeys as soon as possible. if there are skid marks in the car park then he was probably speeding (contrary to standing orders). i would expect that if he attended a mess funciton and crashed into a vehicle whilst speeding in the car park then booze may have had a part to play. if the police believe he failed to report an accident because he was trying to avoid a breath test then he would be in a lot of trouble.
  4. Bollokcs.

    Report it to the local Old Bill; they will do the bloke for failing to stop at the scene of an accident or somesuch, assuming your photos and the bits match.

    If you know who the Mess member is, you could always have a little word in his shell-like, as Members are resposible for the behaviour of their guests...;)
  5. This sort of thing happens all the time in NAAFI car parks. Insurance companies will deal and if you can "prove" that a particular car hit yours you should get either RMP or Civvy police to take action.

    Top tip if you have any kind of crash (thats not your fault!) always insist on the police attending. I had an accident (guy ran into the back of me whilst I was stationary (" I thought you were moving"!!) I did call police they attended and I got their shoulder numbers. Later on the guy who hit my car denied thae accident had ever occurrred, because I had the police numbers, DTG etc I was able to get an incident report number from the Old Bill which proved my case (£1500 damage!!)
  6. You can certainly claim through your insurance, giving the details of the other vehicle and the evidence you have collected. Provide the details of the Gd Cmd as a witness.

    Your Provost is wrong - drivers involved in an RTA that causes damage to property (i.e. your car) must exchange details by law. A couple of weeks ago my car was damaged in similar circumstances, though the other driver reported the incident. Even though my car was parked, the other driver has admitted liability and her insurer has agreed to pay, we've both had to produce all our documents, as plod told us, IAW our legal obligation. Contact your nearest RMP and report the matter; the other driver obviously thought he could get away with it - RMP involvement will focus his mind.
  7. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Be very careful about how you word it with your insurance company. I recently had my insurance stopped by elefant when they realised that I lived on camp - they will not insure cars on MOD property.

    Now with the AA who do.

  8. Very brief version of events - Similar thing happened to Mrs Phantoms car in a civi car park, driver of transit van hits the front of Mrs phantoms car smashing the bumper off, driver was seen. Driver looked at the damage and drove off while avoiding the people trying to stop her. they took down the details (company name emblazened on the side of the van ffs) we find their contact details on the internet after informing the police. other driver denies it, and even told her husband that we drove into her!
    The police are not doing anything about it as it happened in a car park and not on the road. The police are not even doing anything about failing to give insurance details. we are left having to claim against the other driver which fortunatly we are able to do as we have legal cover.
  9. not my experience. im with elephant as they consistently quote lower for soldiers than anyone else. They know I live in a barracks, and are happy to quote. I ve been with them 5 years now.
  10. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    You're quite right - I just phoned them and they looked up my file. They've changed the policy to allow Forces personnel to go on ops with their cars still insured.

  11. When I was single and living in, I told my insurers that the car was kept in camp, cctv, dog patrols, secure fencing, armed sentries etc, and got a massive discount. The only place this didn't make any difference was in Germany.
  12. My car was crashed into on camp, never had a problem with the insurers, I think I was with Axa/Naafi at the time.

    Anyhoo, End of course p1ss up on another course and he rams my car. Told insurance, told the bobbies, and no dramas. His insurance paid up, and given that a freind of mine was on his course and said he had been tanked up when he rammed my car, he must have had a few sweaty moments. What happened to him, I don't know or care.

    Get the gd cdr, call in the bobbies, and get the evidence together. Including the skid marks, they seem to be a bit of a pointer in this case, I mean skid marks in a car park? Get it on paper, likewise a time approx of when this happened could possibley add to the guys woes if he was tanked up in the bar.

    Even if it all falls through at least you tried. Why should you pay for damage the some muppet who shouldn't drive caused.
  13. Phantom.. if the car park your wife was parked in has public access then for the purposes of the Road Traffic Act I believe that it does qualify as part of the Highway.
    Perhaps someone with better knowlege of traffic law could confirm this.
  14. similar thing happened to my dad on a B&Q car park, someone hit is car, then drove off,a witness left their addy on windscreen and was happy to give a statement to police with reg number of car etc,police said they couldn't do anything as it was private land and not on a public road.
  15. The police took a statement, and sent a letter to us saying that 'no further action is to be taken'. The copper at the station explained that this was the most likely outcome as it was on private property, therefore no need to provide insurance details or report it. I would assume that a trafic cop would be "someone with better knowledge of trafic law" than either of us!

    editied twice due to mongyness on a monday morning