Car Clampers Get Ex-Gurkha Help

From the BBC site:

Former soldiers from the Gurkha Brigade are providing security for Belfast clampers, it has been revealed.

A security firm which uses ex-Gurkhas has men accompanying clamping teams in Belfast to advise on safety. They were on the Falls and Shankill on Wednesday.

NCP's Tim Cowen told the BBC's Nolan Show that Operation Nepal was targeting areas where there was a high level of road tax evasion.

"If a situation becomes dangerous for staff then we will withdraw," he said.

He said that the operation would be moved around Northern Ireland and that they had sought expert help to make sure they could get untaxed cars, but without putting their staff at risk.

Mr Cowen said that the company had used the firm, Folkestone-based Everest Security, in other parts of the UK where they felt there was a possible danger to enforcement staff.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2007/08/23 08:35:48 GMT
No fools them, then.
Meanwhile, NCP's parking attendants in NI have been in the news twice in the last week for other reasons. Firstly, a local BBC reporter filmed NCP PAs parking illegally but not issuing each other tickets, and secondly when they were accused of targeting 'posh' cars; in one case they towed away a brand new Aston Martin that was on trade plates, for 'no tax disc'. The Gurkhas were not involved in any of these shenanigans.

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