Car Clamped!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sparky8, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone please advise.

    I've not long moved into a new flat and since then the land management company has introduced a clamping scheme for our car park. This morning I found that my car, in my space had been clamped for not displaying a car pass.
    I've never had a pass sent to me from the management company who, when I phoned them up told me that they have no record of me moving into the flat so they won't take responsibility and as such won't release the car. I passed them off to my solicitors but as such they haven't replied yet. To compound my woes Im part ex'ing my car tomorrow so need to get it released but I dont want to pay the release as there's no guarantee that I'll get my dosh back.

    Please help!! :cry: :x
  2. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Angle grinder?
  3. Go and rent a grinder\dimond cutter and cut the fecker off. Send it to them in the post with prove of you moving in. Seriously, I would.

  4. Bite your tounge and pay it. The solicitors fees will end up being more than the release fee as this looks like it could drag out for a long time.
  5. Then this is criminal damage!
  6. If they don't know where you live where would they try to send the bill for cutting up their clamp?? Its not even as if they will be able to ID the car if you have part ex'd it.....................................

    Go on cut it off just watch you don't damage your part exchanger.

    Don't let the B******* Grind U Down!!
  7. Section 5(2) of the Criminal Damage Act 1971 defines 'lawful excuse' for the purposes of the Act. It states:

    5(2) A person charged with an offence to which this section applies shall, whether or not he would be treated for the purposes of this Act as having a lawful excuse apart from this subsection, be treated for those purposes as having a lawful excuse:

    (a) if at the time of the act or acts alleged to constitute the offence he believed that the person or persons whom he believed to be entitled to consent to the destruction of or damage to the property in question had so consented, or would have so consented to it if he or they had known of the destruction or damage and its circumstances; OR
    (b) if he destroyed or damaged or threatened to destroy or damage the property in question or, in the case of a charge of an offence under section 3, intended to use or cause or permit the use of something to destroy or damage it, in order to protect property belonging to himself or another or a right or interest in property which was or which he believed to be vested in himself or another, and at the time of the act or acts alleged to constitute the offence he believed

    (i) that the property, right or interest was in immediate need of protection; AND
    (ii) that the means of protection adopted or proposed to be adopted were or would be reasonable having regard to all the circumstances

    Saw it off! I'd be interested to see if you could get the above past the court.
  8. There is another way around this. Ask the management company if the clamper holds an SIA licence!.

    Anyone clamping your car has to have a licence from the Security Industry Association, and must produce a licence or certificate on request. There are also rules which limit the maximum amount which can be charged.

  9. MM is right. Dunno what Stroker is saying but take it from me (as one who has explored the angle grinder option), the only quick fix is to pay the money and argue the toss later. It could end up costing you a lot more.
  10. This is exactly the reason why these slimy scumbags can continue to ply their trade. They think everybody'll buckle (and the majority do!).

    Do the bizz with an angle-grinder, then remove all the evidence!

    A mate of mine (also an ex-squaddie) carries an angle-grinder in his boot for just such eventualities. He can plug it into the lighter socket in his jam-jar. It's only a diddy thing, but he's normally on his way within five minutes. He's done this about a dozen times already, and when they get in touch with him, he just insists that his jam-jar was never clamped in the first place.

    He's had no comeback as yet and the only outlay was for the angle-grinder.

  11. Angle grinder.

    I believe the trick is to let the air out of,
    and then cut through the tyre of your car,
    that either causes the clamp to disengage
    or for you to have enough space to undo the wheel nuts
    and by undoing them you remove the rim and clamp.
    Then you have- after fitting your spare- a mobile car.

    Any damage is to your property and not "crimminal"
  12. Why not deflate your tyre, bit a jiggerry pokerry,plenty of lube and see if its can be persuaded to come off? Then deliver to the clamping firm(once your cars disposed of) saying you found this and thought you would be an honest and upstanding citizen and return it to its rightful owner.
  13. Sure cut the bugger off, remove the evidence but end up in Court as he lives in the property that is looked after by the management company who sub-contracts the clamping company. His car is being part exchanged but all the clamping company have to do is show the court the date the car was clamped on their documents and the date the DVLA received the new registered keeper details, obviously the new keeper details will be weeks after the original clamping date which still makes him liable to prosecution for criminal damage and all fees incurred!.

    And dont forget, any clamping company worth their salt will take photo graphs of the vehicle before and after the clamp is fitted!.
  14. Mad Moriaty has given you sound advice. Just make sure when you pay your release fee you get the following information from them:

    A receipt that includes the location where the vehicle was clamped, the Clamper's name and signature, their licence number and the date of clamping.

    That way not only can you have the clamping company checked out, but with the receipt you might (though I wouldn't hold my breath) be able to claim your money back when you've spoken more with your Management Company with regards to a parking pass.

    Personally, I would be taking a trip down my local Citizen Advice Bureau for their thoughts on the matter.