Car Clamped again!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sparky8, Aug 28, 2006.

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  1. Ok, who wants a real giggle?!!

    I got my car back on Friday afternoon, part ex'd it and drove up to Ashby for my pals wedding (nice drive, good company, free beer and clubbing for the first time in my mess dress = good weekend so far).

    Go get my boy from his mums on return and have a chill out day ready for a few trips out today. Imagine my joy when I come across my car and (yep you've guessed it) its clamped again!!

    Apparently I should have got the management company to tell the clampers which is obviously very easy to do on a bank holiday weekend.

    So now the bill hits £550! Im looking forward to speaking to all concerned tomorrow!! I've still got my humour but only just.
  2. Chain your car to something solid so they can not tow it again.
    P.S Good luck!
  3. They've had their warning. Definitely cut the f***ing thing off now.
  4. nah have already had it released im afraid.
  5. They obviously just see you as one great cash cow... the solution to their business's P&L problems
  6. Does the lad never learn?
  7. Is this a new car or the one you wanted to Part Exchange?
  8. You know you can get angle grinders dead cheap nowadays, dead easy to use and operate.
  9. Its the new one. Cash cow? Not really, I told the company to leave the space alone until further notice, they're now saying that the person I spoke to wasn't qualified to authorise my request. Im pretty sure that I'll get my money back so Im not too upset!