Car Boot Sale in aid of the Poppy Appeal Paderborn

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Dusty362, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. Cheers for that, if I can I'll wander up to it. What's the score for accessing the bks now that I'm ex?
  2. You hand your passport in at the guard room.

    You can also apply for a BF(G) installation pass but it will take some time to get it but it depends how far you are away from the nearest station as you will have to hand in the application personally and collect the pass when it is ready.

    Attached is the British Forces Germany Veterans' Installation Pass Application Form. Below is the list of Pass offices for Germany.

    HERFORD Hammersmith Bks PASS OFFICE 05221 3145


    PADERBORN Normandy Bks PASS OFFICE 05254 982 2053

    ELMPT PASS & PERMITS 02167 97 4285

    JHQ RSU PASSES & PERMITS 02161 472 2866

    BERGEN-HOHNE HCSO 05051 96 2022

    FALLINGBOSTEL HCSO 05162 971 2332

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  3. Sorry. Only meant to upload it once.
  4. Cheers for all that Dusty, will feel a bit strange being on the 'other side' when booking in. :D
  5. No problem mate. We also have 15 RBL Branches in Germany.
  6. There will be approximately 75 stalls Royal British Legion Paderborn Carboot Sale: