Car Bomb Scare In London

On Radio 2 they said that police have found a "potentialy viable explosive device" What the feck does "potentialy viable" mean? Anyone?
We all thought this might happen. As soon as Phoney B Liar stood down as PM, a major terrorist attack was increasingly likely.

Good drills to plod for spotting it and doing the business though.
Lets hope that it's not a subtle reminder from the Adams & McGuinness fan club starting the next tour.

Latest I heard was "gas cylindars and lots of nails".

Crude but potentially very nasty.

Don't know if plod was fed intelligence by the spooks or was just lucky - Good Drills. No-one hurt and that's what counts.

Hope this is a one off and not the start of a new campaign...

"You have to be lucky all the time. We only have to be lucky once." :twisted:
western said:
If you read the sky link, it sounds a bit like a pissed pikey.,,70131-1272910,00.html?f=rss
Car/suicide bomb that went wrong?

If the bomb was big enough, it could have taken out the nightclub and caused massive causlties. And AQ have attempted to target nightclubs; lots of decadent Infidals in one place. Little chance of being intercepted. Very tempting.
fastmedic said:
Lets hope that it's not a subtle reminder from the Adams & McGuinness fan club starting the next tour.


more unlikely than the most unlikely thing in the history of wierd shit.

if it really was a 'potentially viable device', rather than a bottle of anti-freeze and a couple of duracells rolling around in the boot, then i would put money on RIRA (not what you describe as paid-up members of the Gerry and Martin fan club - i'm given to understand that 'tout', 'sell-out', 'traitor' and 'westbrit' aren't compliments on the boggy isle...).

RIRA have recently faced criticism from their supporters over what passes for their 'armed struggle', apparently throwing fireworks at B&Q isn't quite what the support base had in mind, RIRA have effectively been told to develop a viable campaign or go on ceasefire. INLA, to the extent they actually exist, have a 'no first strike' posture that their supporter(s) seem quite happy with - and anyway they are far too busy running a profitable line in little packets in Derry to risk coming to the notice of the PSNI, while CIRA (if they ever really existed in a meaningful sense) has dissolved into infighting - again.

so for me, its RIRA - or some 'franchise' of the RIRA/32CSM ideology. if it could really be called that...

i pretty much discount our bearded friends because - in Europe at least - car-bombs aren't really their style.
I think good intelligence had a lot to play in this..let's hope anyway that it wasn't down to just "good luck". Mind you walking passed a car with boxes of nails and gas cylinders attached, will draw a tad of interest would it not!!
Ah well, nothing can be done really, as our new justice minister told BBC4 Today programme, Its Very saddening, but these things happen! I wonder is that what he would have said to the familys of the injured and dead if the worst case scenario had have happend. Man of straw!
200lts of fuel and it crashed with driver running off, so no "luck"involved and as for intel!!!!!!!


predatorplus said:
why do a terrorist attack at 2am?? ooo lets blow up the late night chavs or the cats??
That’s more of a public service than an act of terrorism :twisted:
We have had to cancel morning meetings as it's chaos, central London is effectively cordoned off and we can't get to see anyone.

Off home as it's pointless staying in town.
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