Car Bomb outside ISAF HQ in Kabul

Well the elections weren't going to be quiet were they?

First reports from other news sources indicate it was the local workers outside the gate who bore the brunt of the blast.
Know some lads there, hopefully they are ok.
The Mayor of Kabul won;t be happy.
ABrighter2006 said:
Very much a strike at the heart of ISAF. Given the numbers of theirs killed on the battlefield - Is this a switch of tactics?

Doubt it, just Terry reminding Kazie that he's rule doesn't extend any further than his front gate.
Fair comment Oil Slick - I was considering the relative hammering that is happening to en forces down South. I think your comment re the front gate is all too accurate. With the blast just outside the front gate, doesn't say much of the Afghan Police and security forces' ability to secure Kabul.

Somehow, don't see the next 96 hours passing off quietly.
And everyone is very excited about the whole thing - but it's still outside the front gate, not in Comd ISAF's khazi, so although spectacular, doesn't really alter things that much.

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