Car Bomb liverppol

thats the problem peace process broke down in ireland after British government demanded if you want united ireland yuo have to take liverpool. :lol:
Well who taught them to build a car bomb guess its closer than columbia another great irish export


it blew up right outside my pub ,i was having a pint then "BOOM!" , i wondered "what the fuk !" , i ve heard of it happening to others but never to me lol
Yep - they've learnt a lot in Basrah.......
Ha ha ha! Nice one VB! Very sharp. But you are in fact was the KINGOs. They were trying to take the whole car, when Mr Brown the owner and father of two from Runcorn, activated his anti-theft device. Either that or one of the KINGOs smuggled something back on his R & R! :lol:
Ma - you get funnier. Any funnier and your feet will fall off.

Of course they couldn't have smuggled anything back off R&R - have you seen the security at the airport? Its not bad, let me tell you. Especially the tall blonde fella...........

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