Car bomb has exploded outside a British Army barracks?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ilikechips, Apr 12, 2010.

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    Police say a car bomb has exploded outside a British Army barracks in Northern Ireland. The blast was behind Palace Barracks in Holywood, Belfast, at 12.24am and is described as "ongoing".

    Reporting from the scene, Sky's Ireland correspondent Vicky Hawthorne said: "Police are not confirming this but there are unconfirmed reports of some injuries on the ground.

    "The area is cordoned off - there's quite a lot of police activity.

    "There is a housing estate nearby and some people are being moved out of their homes."

    The blast was less than half an hour after law and order powers were officially transferred from London to Belfast.

    Dissident Republicans are suspected to be behind the blast
  2. Christ, just when it was thought that it'd all quietened down again...

    Funny how quick these bastards are to hide behind the law when it suits them, yet they'll happily do this kind of crap with impunity.

    If it was PIRA, i'd at least have some respect for them - but this lot... not a chance, they're just out for the kicks.

    Seems like nobodies been injured based off reports so far thankfully.
  3. The Beeb says
    'The blast seems to have been timed to coincide with the precise moment that policing and justice powers devolved from Westminster to Stormont.'

    Well with the Shinners running the law now can we expect a quick
    Result ?

  4. Care to explain why you have some respect?

    Same people, same background, same objectives, same sick muderous MO, same blood on their hands!

    PIRA could have stopped all the dissidents in their tracks if they wished. It suits their purposes to have dissident activity bubbling along quietly as a reminder to the UK Government of what could happen if they don't get their way. PIRA know who the dissidents are, publicly condemn them yet they allow them access to the weapons and technology. When it all goes t!ts up again, the dissidents will be welcomed back into the Republican family with open arms
  5. The "Peace Process" in action.
  6. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Exactly. What we need is something like the Sunni Awakening in Fallujah. PIRA quietly kill all the dissident bad guys, thus earning the respect of the Prots, the Irish Govt and HMG as people committed to the political process with whom we can do business and who are capable of delivering their side of any deal. Unfortunately, PIRA are, as usual, hedging their bets.
  7. PIRA are to the Dissidents as Provisional Sinn Fein are to PIRA.
  8. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I suppose you will be voting Labour too. Please try not to believe all of Gordon's lies.
  9. The older I get, the more I shake at this lot and others like them.

    "We'll blow up some stuff...and we'll win"

    If it wasn't for the misery and suffering these ar$seholes cause, it'd be laughable.

    (Heavily plagiarised from Eddie Izzard...but you get the idea).
  10. Where were McGuiness and Adams last night?
  11. Prob at home praticing their 'This kind of thing has no place in Ireland anymore' sound bites while waiting for the bomb to go off CNUTS the lot of them :x
  12. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Weren't they meeting with the police giving over names and adresses of the dissidents. I mean thats what your'd expect TOUTS to do.
  13. That would be an efficient means of solving the problem... unfortunately I think your giving the PIRA far too much credit for having any sort of strategic plan.
  14. Good god no. I was more referring to the fact that we hadn't had any incident (at least, reported in the papers or by the beeb) in several months since the barracks attacks to my knowledge anyway.

    Compare PIRA to RIRA/CIRA - the difference in how they operate is staggering. I can point to the fact that PIRA forewarned of attacks to prevent unnecessary bloodshed. RIRA/CIRA never have, as proved by the Omagh bombing and all incidents that they've claimed they've done since. To me, that makes a key difference between the groups.

    Another difference is that members of PIRA wanted (and likely still do) a united Ireland. This lot on the other hand.. they're doing it for the bloodshed. Note how these groups sprung up when PIRA "put down arms"? Thats pretty much why they did, as they want to continue the fighting.

    Not to say that I agree with PIRA's tactics, or what they did - I just have some respect for them as a result of what they were fighting for, although better more peaceful methods would have been infinitely preferable.

    PIRA unfortunately won't kill off the dissidents. Its detrimental to their aims in the long term for any form of dissident activity to be taking place. Whats another dead Brit/Unionist to them?