car and bike tests

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by killergibbo, Feb 3, 2007.

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  1. well ill hear on friday wen ill have my selection.what i want to ask is this

    well am joining as a tank crewman in phase 2 training i know u get ya car licence but can u opt in to have ya bike licence or is that just a 1/100000 chance of beening offered that chance...reason i ask is that am more into bikes then cars so wud be gd for me
  2. ask to join the royal sigs motercycle display team....
  3. its a mandatory requirement for you to have your B licence (Car) before you go for your H Licence (Tracked)

    If your Sqn have issue bikes, then you put that on your wish list !

    If not, keep the MT Cpl happy - and he/she will know if there are any vacancies on the courses at the local driver training centre

    if you dont ask, you wont get!!!

    but, if you dont need it for your trade - it will be a long shot
  4. yep, if i was you id go for the scaleys and try and join the sh ite helmets. very professional, ask blue peter hahaha