Car air filter

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PrinceAlbert, Aug 7, 2009.

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  1. I need to make an air filter for my hotrod.

    The air trumpet on top of the carbs needs a new gause filter.

    Anyone know where I can buy the foam/gause so I can cut to fit?

    I've looked online and found all sorts of filters, but none that look as though I could modify them to fit.
  2. So that's the real reason you want a flying suit. So you can emulate that famous stumpy gay icon Cruise. :)
  3. Errrrr.....if I knew what the Stumpy gay icon cruise was??
  4. Errrr.......this one?

    Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

    I was going to try and help you with the air trumpet but you said the flying suit I found was crap (and out of stock). :wink:
  5. ? Odd one for the NAAFI mate... :?

    Trying to think of strange connotations for "carb trumpets" and "gauze".. :twisted:

    However at the risk of a WAH... :roll:

    The plastic foam you want for an air filter is what is known as "open cell retculated" foams...

    Normal "sponge" foam that you would use in the bath or in a matress will not work..

    This is the sort of thing you want...

    You might also be able to get some from a pond filtration or aquarium supplier..

    The other alternative is a metal filter. In the past these used to be made from fine mesh chicken wire coated in thick oil. Make up a donut of mesh to fit the filter body and dip it in motor oil, let it drain on a bit of kitchen paper and then fit. The oil traps the dust particles. To clean, dip in petrol and light - the oil will burn off and you can shake off what dust is left. Reoil and refit... :wink:
  6. Going for max exposure. Given the Intec people a ring, and left a message. Cheers