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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Goku, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. Having killed my last car I’m in the market for a new set of wheels :)
    Sadly I’m not very mechanically minded so I’d appreciate some advice.

    I’ve taken an interest in a MAZDA MX-5 1.8i, 2000 reg.
    I’m taking it for a test drive tomorrow but alarm bells are ringing slightly... The engine is described as reconditioned and only has 40k on the clock.
    I’ve run a vehicle check and the DVLA show it had 85k on the clock in 2006 – so clearly there’s a new engine in there.
    Also the last owner took possession in Dec 2009, so why have they sold so soon?

    Am I right in thinking this may be a dud?

    I’m also finding myself drawn to MG Convertibles, but I’ve seen a few reviews stating they suffer from gasket failure.
    Is that correct?

  2. Do not buy MG (any variety), its a bag of shite in a nice coat.

    Think what you want from a car first off, then go from there.

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  3. I'm not expert on these matters by any stretch, but if the figures are not adding up and you feel like it's too good to be true, stay away.

    Unless someone with more knowledge about reconditioned motors can advise different?
  4. Run away now from the Mazda, MG's are crap as well.

    Are you a hairdresser?
  5. I've heard of the MGFs getting gasket failure due to the poor cooling from being mid-engined (with an engine that was never designed to be).
  6. Would you like a hair cut? :D
  7. If you can find one over a couple of mm crack on.

    Budget, mileage, what for, etc???????????????
  8. I have an MG TF 2003 as a second car (summer only) - a fantastic piece of kit. Engine gasket problems were confined to pre 2003 models, goes well and have done 22500 miles and no problems. Lots of low mileage, one careful owner types around at about £4000 - with extras such as leather, hard tops included. Currently being made in Brum by the 'Chinks' so spares are no problem, servicing is easy.
  9. As above, my mother has one (maybe that should put you of an MG) but has had it four years now and its never missed a trick. I took it out for a spin whilst on leave, and l found it to be quite spirited and good fun on the country roads.

    I guess with most things, shop around till you find a good one. Dont go with the cheapest / hint of dubious history. Theirs thousands out there to choose from.
  10. The Land Rover Freelander use's the same rover K series engine as the MG , they also suffer from headgasket / warping problems , MX 5's are not a bad car but loads are imports with little or no service history, as for the one you mention ... runaway now .. there are loads more out there, make sure it has full service history and all the numbers add up , you are doing the right thing by checking forums etc , do you realy want a two seat car with little or no boot ?
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Had two in the family that suffered from this, both with less than 5k on the clock.

    My shed of an old TVR was more reliable, and that is saying something! :D

    Guess which one cost less to buy, was more reliable, more fun to drive, depreciated less and cheaper to run (fuel excepted!)?

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  12. Get a reliable car.

    Funnily enough, I've got a 2005 VW Golf 2.0 GT for sale. You know you want to buy it! ;)
  13. Buy a Smart Roadster. I want one, but the wife won't let me buy anything 'useless'. Bl**dy kids...
  14. Right start at the begining. mazda MX5. read what you can about the specific model. as you havent said what year ect. but follow the rules any car with an engine change,has it have a record ie reciept, is there a full sevice history, hpi. remember take no notice what the seller says, ie telling you how good the vehicle is.. ask questions, has it been in an accident? is the millage right? are you the owner on the documents..take someone who Really knows about cars.. not a pub mechanic. who talks a good job. can you afford a proffesional inspection, ie is the price of the car worth it. and if you need advice feel free to ask me cheers nick
  15. Had a very nice MX-5 for a couple of years now. A Japenese import that came with a decent warrenty from the importers, is also a special edition that came with a 6 speed box and limited slip diff.

    Now whilst I would steer clear of the one you are looking at, MX-5's are reliable as hell with very strong engines. So much that originally you could fit a supercharger to the engine of a new one without losing your warentee (would muck up your insurance a bit though I would imagine).

    They are fantastic fun to drive - I take lots of stick from my mates about being a hairdresser, but really don't care as every time the sun is smiling I can hit the b-roads and have a big grin on my face.

    Imports can be a bit expensive to insure (especially if the Japenese previous owner had lowered it and fitted a stainless steel exhaust) and service, but generally they are quite cheap to run.

    If you get the chance to buy a decent MX-5, then I would jump at the chance. If you can, then bribe a fitter from the REME to come with you to have a look over any cars you are interested in, or if you have any good mates who are decent mechanics (I am sure the AA does something like this?)