Car a wreck. How to dispose of it?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by schweik, Dec 29, 2008.

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  1. So my Vauxhall Zafira (120,000 miles) has a fcuked gearbox, and other mechanical problems that will cost £000s to fix. Plus the bodywork is somewhat dented in that the rear tailgate is stoved in where I backed it into a wall (as you do).

    I'm buying another car, rather than pay to fix the old wreck. Question is, what do I do with the old thing? I imagine that to attempt to get any trade in value would be an embarrassing failure involving lots of young sales geeks laughing and pointing at me. (Is that right?) I can't sell it - its far too fcuked. Will the garage dispose of it for me? Will it cost me? Or do I have to arrange for its disposal myself, and if so, then how, and at what cost?

    Any wise words gratefully appreciated.
  2. Try Glasgow airport.

  3. Stupendous idea, pack it with gas bottles and sell it to a doctor.

    May I suggest Charles De Gaulle airport instead though?
  4. Try scrapping it, you might be surprised at how much a scrap yard will pay for it. I wrote my '96 Fiesta off 12 months ago, I knew I couldn't sell it for more than £500 (just) but a local scrap yard came over inspected the damaged car and offered me £1500 for it!
  5. The car market is so buggered that they will quietly dispose of your wife, children and family pets as well if it'll get them a sale.
  6. Or Luton, sh1tehole :wink:
  7. Not sure where you live, but try your local Council. Many of them dispose of old cars free of charge.
  8. Glasgow Airport is no good. There's this nails jock works there who'd kick my fcuking head in if I tried it. I have thought of all the illegal scams possible, but ruled them out on the grounds that I want to survive with my reputation untarnished (and no criminal record, plus no insurance companies suing my ass off)

    So I must repeat my earlier plea: "any wise words gratefully appreciated".

    Cheers, lads.
  9. 100% agreed. PX it for the new motor, you'll be amazed at what you get, and having a PX also adds spice to the negotiations (ie you can negotiate up on the PX as well as down on the new motor).
  10. Try locking it up as well as you can and leave it in a well lit road, heavy populated in the middle of a town in the outer London region. I'll give it ten minutes.
  11. give it to the local EOD crew for a bit of training
  12. PX it.

    If no joy take it to a scrappy. They may give you cash for it, or they may charge you to take it.

    All of the above is legal.
  13. £50 a tonne is what my local scrappy paid for mine, rather than go to the expense of keeping a 19 year old Beemer on the road. Plus I got back 9 months worth of road fund license.
  14. Ebay it for spares or repairs. Due to the price of metal scrappies are now buying cars off you again. A cat converter is worth around £25 alone in scrap due to the metals involved
  15. Google car breakers for your area, failing that just park it up in a dodgy multi storey car park and leave it open, the local inbreds will do the rest for you.