Captured Taliban motorbike features in Imperial War Museum exhibition

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Nov 12, 2012.

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  2. Woopdeefuckingdooo
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  3. They're only doing this because the RAF feed has taken enough punishment.
  4. That'll get the crowds flocking in.
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  5. By the beard of the Prophet! (May it rest gently among the scented flowers of the gardens of heaven).
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  6. 'Enemy kit'? It's a 200 dollar Helmandi motorbike, hardly the ****ing enigma machine, is it?
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  7. It's a shame it's not the****ed up piece of shit I saw get launched down the road whilst I observed from Cyprus sangar last week. Laugh? I nearly shat.

    Saying that, shitting may have helped clear some of the zillions of mossies!
  8. 'Newly aquired'? Looks like an ancient old clunker...


    ETA, its a CG125, and probably a chinese copy, made from 1975.
  9. What did you expect? A Vmax?
  10. You would think it was, and fitted with frikkin' lasers, the breathless way its being announced by MOD.
  11. And why have they claimed its Taliban? Just because it's got a plaggy bag on the seat?

    It's much more fun blowing them up. I did 7 in two days and triple bar mined a car.
  12. The 0 - 60 on that must have been impressive!
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  13. Obviously not a man keen on the rigmaroll of trying to hand dems back in or carry them further than absolutely necessary. I salute you.
  14. Those ******* still hitting the speed bump at 80mph? Seen any of the disco tuktuks at night yet?
  15. Perhaps they could jazz it up and make it a bit more relevant with a manikin rider dressed up like a jolly Taliban chap...


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