Captured by natives

An English, Irish and Scot on safari, were captured by rebel tribesmen.
They were told that they could choose the manner of the way that they would die and would then kill themselves.

The Englishman asked for a gun and was given a revolver and one bullet. He loaded and shot himself in the head.
His skin was instantly stripped from his body, whilst the other two looked on in horror and was used towards making a new canoe.

The Scot asked for a sword and ran himself through. He was flensed whilst still twitching and his skin used the same way.

Paddy said. "Give me a freakin' fork." The Natives were curious as
to what he was going to do and gave him a dinner fork.

Laughing like a maniac, Paddy started to stab himself all over his body and screamed. "Let's see yous make a feckin' boat outa this then, wankers."
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