Captions ?

RAF champion sprinter displays the technique that took him to the pinnacle of his career.
The new 4 Para-lympic Chairborne - Piefinders sports vest modelled by recruit of the year :D
lacrabat said:
Hey you GUYYYYS!!!

Run Fat Boy, Run!!!

Come on son, chase the choccy bar, chase it!!
Winner of the 100m invisible icecream cone dash. Prize one red balloon.

He looks well speshul. Mlaar!
Looks like Aston Villa will be changing their strip to avoid further embaressment.
Sven running for his seat after winning the local by-election.
191 - Is that his weight?
it looks to me as the para reg have upped there standerd i mean looks kinda half inteligent compared
last white person in birmingham makes a break for it.
"I see a queue of Biafrans that means I come"
Dwain Chambers confirms now clear of drugs with only a slight pigment change but no other side effects, back to his normal training form.
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