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Although she regretted eating the curry she was even more upset that her husband found it amusing
Unfortunately he'd flicked "suck" instead of "blow" on the aircon controls.
Remember, lads: it's not rape if you shout SURPRISE!!!


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"Can you get a wine glass and catch it? Throw it in the garden. I hate them, but dont kill it. All right?"


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My caption for this one -

"Oh hokey cokey cokey cokey!"


stevehopkins said:

Looks like R Kelly was right after all he CAN fly, his missus was growing tired of his showing off though

except she's doing the loser sign backwards.
Alternatively, Trevor shows off his proximity to the bed when in the missionary position.

"Leroy's 'Batman' lovemaking technique of jumping off the wardrobe really suffered as his eye-sight went."


"Marlene was distraught when she came home to find Winston shagging an incredibly fat invisible woman."


As Jamil realised his new dentures were possessed he suddenly understood the wisdom of the old saying 'never buy false teeth from a voodoo dentist'.
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