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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 11, 2005.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Give it your best shot! :twisted:
  2. Camilla "This is where he puts his thingy, and it tastes awwwwful!"

    Charles "This is what I call my 'tampon', although sometimes I get my hands in up to the cuffs. "
  3. The British synchronised nose picking team are looking particularly ugly this year :D
  4. One wonders if one is looking in the ugly mirror?
  5. Charles: I proposed after an exciting game of freckles, camilla got me here

    Camilla: I was so pleased at winning the game. My reward was a pearl necklace, Charles aim was a little off and he just caught me here
  6. We've had it up to here with you paparazzos. Now naff orf!
  7. Persistent nasal itching aside, Charles wondered if he might have done something embarrassing after he and Camilla did a line of coke at the Hunt Ball...


    Charles: 'Well, my collar and cuffs match, anyway!'
  8. Her:

    What? This? just chewing an Everton Mint actually.......

    Him: Yeeeees, She only had to eat mints.... Know what I mean, tap tap..
  9. Charles : B-b-bother, I cannot dislodge this damned bogie from my nostril

    Camilla : Dont worry Dahhhhhling I had the same problem but have been chewing it for the last ten minutes during your after dinner speech, one up on the media they thought it was a wasp

    :? just gone off the idea of brunch
  10. Top
  11. Both: Ummm, did we just say something we shouldn't have? Like getting married :roll:
  12. Charles: I'm Brian and so is my horse
    (Camilla points to where she usually has her bit in place)


    Charles: I'M SPARTACUS
    Camilla: I'M SPARTACUS