caption time

'I would'
'Et moi,aussi.'


jaybee2786 said:
add your caption.

That black bird at the back, the one with the shades on looking down...the last time I saw someone wearing shoes like that, they had callipers attached to them.

(that's an observation by the way, not a caption)
I hope she turns around in a minute, so I can show off my "elvis" dance moves
"A pair of maroon crocs would have went better with that dress love" :D
"Oi bitch, the Hokey Kokey starts with the left foot!"

Sarko (thinks): "Oh, mon pauvre. You 'ave not got used to zees limelight, 'ave you? Votre missus is goin' to skin you alive w'en she sees ze photos of zis meeting."
been there, done it, got me brown wings
You can see Obama thinking of the excuses he can use for the Clinton/Lewinsky style press conference should he decide to strengthen foreign relations.
Oh, this thread could sooo turn nasty



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3 women in the picture but I can only see 1 twunt.

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