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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chief_Joseph, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. Come up with your best caption for this photo
  2. "The boys fondness of posing for the camera was becoming a real problem on the job"
  3. "I really can't see the photo"
  4. "it's behind yooouuuu"
  5. Can anyone smell smoke?
  6. Fire Brigade Union AGM?
  7. John told the boys, that their contracts had not been renewed....
  8. The fire men couldn't really make out what the deaf and dumb photographer was getting at.
  9. I dont care if it is prescotts house, he should have agreed to the pay raise then.
  10. Hymie, Izzy, Abie and the boys were first on the scene at the Gibson family home tragedy.
  11. With their Hoods and Cloaks removed the Klan looked just like firemen.
  12. 49 Para were really Fireman, on strike.

  13. 'What do you mean we're being disbanded under Options For Change? Why's that?'
  14. Proof: Yank firemen are just as much ***** as ours! :evil:
  15. Just wait here and talk amongst yourselves until I have the risk assessment done.