Caption This Photo

Come up with your best caption for this photo
"The boys fondness of posing for the camera was becoming a real problem on the job"
"it's behind yooouuuu"
John told the boys, that their contracts had not been renewed....
I dont care if it is prescotts house, he should have agreed to the pay raise then.
49 Para were really Fireman, on strike.

'What do you mean we're being disbanded under Options For Change? Why's that?'
Proof: Yank firemen are just as much ***** as ours! :evil:
Just wait here and talk amongst yourselves until I have the risk assessment done.
A recent 'Sons of Glyndwr Fire Service' outing
or ...
Keep the Second Home Fires Burning
or ....
New team-building exercise for Arson Wenger and the lads
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