Caption contest

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CQMS, Sep 22, 2008.

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  1. Give it your best efforts.

  2. Surely one for a caption competition.

    Gordon - Try and stab me in the back again you treachorous little cnut and I'll rip this off.

    MarxieMilli - Do you mind just holding it until then?
  3. Good plan.
  4. I hope its this eye thats blind "tw@t"
  5. [​IMG]

    I just noticed you don't cast a shadow Milli
  6. [​IMG]

    Yeah but I got an NHS dentist
  7. 'Now, children, who do you think we have here and where do you think it - sorry, he - comes from?'

    'Er, Dave, can ye no just introduce me to the class?'

    'Never a fear, Gordo - ah, yes, you with the hand up?'

    'Ancient Greece, sir! Monster, sir! Cyclops, sir!'

    'Hmm, close but no cigar. Yes, you with the sideways ponytail?'

    'Not fcukin' sure, sir, but 'e looks like that fat cnut from that number ten place, innit, sir?'

    'Ah, geographically correct - for a short time, anyway - but we won't be having any swearing, children. Any other guesses as to who he is? Yes, my intelligent young apprentice?'

    'Your predecessor, sir?'
  8. Dave, it's like this. Grab them by the bollocks
    and your party/team/troop/squad will follow you anywhere

    (Until you're shot in the back, just wait till you let go!)
  9. And the winner of the Milliband lookalike contest is ................... Gary Linekar


    I've got my eye on you cnut
  10. [​IMG][/quote]

    PM - The Russians think you are a twaat , I think et tu brute
    DM-That 17 yr was well fit did you get her number. Oh thats right you still fancy the iron lady
  11. Listen son... I'm the biggest, power-hungriest, motherfucker in the country. Keep smiling while I do everything to remove your pathetic "rights", take all your money and reduce you to a pathetic, useless shell of your former self or your nuts come off...

    Alternatively, Vote for Me!!!! :roll:
  12. The Broon, ' They're called gelding shears '
  13. And then I told them the covenant was back in balance wink wink. Oooh Gordon, you naughty man! You will have people believing they voted for you next.
  14. GB: Now, now Dave just relax, oh yes there's the little fellow. Who said milking the prostate wouldn't be fun?
    DM: I seem to have culminated on camera.
  15. Now were gooing too be frinds arrnt we david? (( yes mishter brow ow ow :omfg: owwn)) and your gonna forget your persuit on my job arent you boy??
    ((yesh mishter broooooooowwww ))
    Keep furkin smiling for the cameras boy or ah might just be inclined to squeese the bulk cutters again!! an I'll squeeze the balls on every last one of ye english barstarts by tha time am throo :twisted: