Caption Contest time


Best one, the one that gets me weeing can either have a hand grenade in the post or a days stalking in Sussex.

I'll kick off with;

"Hello I'm The Iron Lady, are you Ugly?"
I have this small bearded thing growing out of my ear.........
Lady Thatcher, can you take your finger out my arrse now please?
"and still the best man for the job."

Barness T to assembled mil types, "Fire up the lads , lets sort out the western desert for all time, Who's with me?"
Look into my eyes,look into my eyes... not around the eyes... in the eyes.

The lady is for turning..........................the milk sour.
Baroness T: Sorry your name was........ pretty

Ugly: Ugly M'lady

Baroness T: memory going am afraid, One is sure I had a Sjt slingsby pin
this morning on the dresser.

Ugly: Have mine M'lady only costs a few pounds sterling.
Paddy cursed himself silly when he realised that instead of smuggling a grenade up his arse as an assasination plot, it was MDN's gerbil that he'd inserted before leaving the house.
Listen in, you one eyed cnut, WTF have you done to my pension
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