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Caption Competition


Book Reviewer
And behind you is my manager, General Sir . . .
"Tanks fer the memories........"


"Thank you, I'll be here for 22 (if the singing career goes tits up)...."
Can you hear me at the back

Third man in, last row.... STAND STILL

One day they will realise my potential.

Now then lads run along and join your mates.

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers etc
Every crap comic should have one - laughter guaranteed
(sings)Oh-oh-oh, now I'm back, back on the chain gun!

Edited to add apologies to the Pretenders!
... I will now pass around the collection plate. To the scouscers in the crowd, the 30mm cannon is loaded and will be pointing at you.
"....and then they made me wipe my arrse with this hand!"
"Watch yer heads lads, the bit I haven't told you is this fecker's loaded with cannister!!!!"
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