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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Charity, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. I understand this may have been in the British Press in the past couple of days, so apologies if it's old hat.

    Am trying to think of appropriate captions.

    Charles supports our female troops?

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  2. Singing "You've got a luvverly bunch of coconuts".
  3. "Women pilots?? You mean with boobies and everything?"

    "In the old days, when it was a man only pilot game, I would have grabbed your tits like this"

    "So there i was, with the biggest joy stick"
  4. You remind me of Diana, before she took orf with that donkey walloper..... :twisted:

    Edit, mind you, I certainly would :D
  5. "hang on your medals not straight, let me adjust it" (plenty of cupping to ensue)
  6. bbbbb bbbbb bbbbbb phwaaar lurd lurdle carry orn
  7. Front Rank! ... One step! .... Forward.......MARCH!

  8. Mmm...lunch!
  9. (With acknowlegements to Leslie Phillips and the Carry On films)

    "And and and what's YOUR name?"

    "Captain Bell, Sir"

    "DING Doooong...."
  10. any idea how long its been since i had a woman with no facial hair and firm set on her.
  11. I used to do it years ago, with a much bigger chopper.
  12. Phwoooooooaaaarrrrrrr