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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gas Gas Gas, Apr 14, 2004.

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  1. With our Beloved Leader visiting the most Powerful Man in a Vest a caption competition might be in order:


    A starter for 10:

    Bush [thinks] "Where did he just appear from?!"


    Blair "Having got hold of Cherie's nipples...."
  2. Blair :- 'This is how much credibility us pair of clowns have'
  3. How about..... "Jesus, he's as mas as I am!"
  4. Bush stares in disbelief as Blair uses his hands as finger puppets to announce further troop deployments.
  5. 'We have this much evidence of WMDs, which is more than we had when we lied about them and committed toops to war'
  6. As Blair conducted the Iraqi Philharmonic Orchestra, Bush watched in anticipation for his queue to play his pink oboe.
  7. Two little dicky birds sitting in a tree

    Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul
  8. George had to admit Tonys eyesight was impressive. He still couldnt see the tripwire.
  9. " so kryton ( Red Dwarf, for unititiated) said twist my nipple nuts and send me to Alska"

    "So I did :lol: "!
  10. 'My penis is this big and his is this big, - and thats with an erection!!'
  11. The shaved anthrapod has just said to Bliar

    "Seeings how I have the vocabolaric abilities of Joey Deakin sniffing botty jelly, I shall now let this c ock translate into English as its clearly not important for the me, the most important leader on the planet to be able to think on my fecking feet when asked a simple question"

    Be afraid, be very fecking afraid.
  12. If he keeps talking long enough - I won't have to say anything, which is just as well, because I can't remember my words![​IMG]
  13. Bliar "its all gone tits up hasnt it"
    Bush "meaning"?
  14. This little piggy went to market and this little piggy went wee,wee all the way home!
  15. Blair.....

    ".......your kidding me George, you've never tried it. All you do is hold up some klinfilm like this and the slapper sh*its on your face"


    ............"wheres my securitity man, get rid of this limey freak"