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Caption Competition

"Anya decided that her Marine Biologist Holiday was not a well thought out plan. Although, sacrificing herself would ensure the Crocodile would not need to eat for seven years".
The people of san quentan de la atabile thought that, for a change, the god of water wouldn't be happy with a young nubile virgin, just as winter was kicking in.

Bella was hence dispatched.
Being Americans, the people of Miami took the new craze for chicken in a basket to new levels


[align=center]'A Day at the zoo.'Crocodylus acutus observes Homo sapiens


'It's not boil in the bag...but it'll do'[/align]


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"where did I put the tin opener?"
1Windy1 said:
"Trevor concluded that deep fat frying was definitely the way forward."
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Nice one!
The wildlife control officers were more than a little surprised to find what had been caught in their recently laid Hippo trap.
the_rigger said:
"New army swim test for female personel provokes anger amongst animal rights protesters."
:D :D

Hitlerwasabitnaughty got frostbite from shagging frozen turkeys last year, and decided this year's Christmas lunch would stay as fresh as possible :wink:
Beryl waited for the cage to be removed, as her sentence for being a fat bloated minger was carried out....
"Beryl flapped her arms around to make herself look even bigger so as to scare the nasty crocadile away"
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