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Inspired by the photo of Cindie's smile in today's Torygraph, but having to run with a more innocent version from the electronic Daily Telegraph site.

I offer something musical - "Gone fishing" by Dean Martin


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Cindy to copper: Will that not make your pistol rusty?
Schoolboy favourite:

Cop: Ever been caught by the fuzz?

CS: No, but I've been swung round by the t**s

policeman: "gottle of geer gottle of geer"

other policeman " i can see your lips moving"

cindy "i'm not sirgrised dis gunts goddis arm up me flange"
US Authorities intensify the hunt for Bin Laden.
I think the bloke at the back is Len Fairlclough (late of Coronation Street) famed for being a kiddy fiddler. He's saying to the the cop on left: " Thats it lad, if you pull your finger out she'll sink. Now lets get over to the swimming pool"
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