Caption competition

Oi reckon all the "indigenous african people" are holding pieces of

" Come on Jamal , pull harder or we'll all be dining at Allah's banquet tonight"

There you go 3 racist stereotypes in one post !


The South African take on the popular BBC programme 'One man and His Dog' was given a new lease of life in the Transvaal.


Passengers on the new Soweto to Stanstead flight, complained bitterly about the pre flight services.
"Hey Boss, its de Plane......................Oh Fcuk!!!!!!!!"

Riot control, Crab Air style!

"Chogs away!!!!" (Sorry, not PC I know :oops: :oops: )

"They ran away they buggered off!!!!!! etc"
[align=center]'Senegal Space Agency engineers and scientists barely able to contain their excitement as 'Chump' lifts off on first mission to deliver vital parts to the Mir Space Station'[/align]