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Caption Competition.

Its time to start a new thread and update it every three or four days.

Just put down your post for us all to read and please keep them short.

The winner get the satisfaction of being a smug bugger for a few days knowing they have out humoured their ARRSE peers.  Or i will pluck a name out of my ARRSE.  Heres the first one.....

"Bubbly curvaceous, lingerie-clad red-head, GSOH, non-smoker, 36-22-34, enjoys laundry, ironing, cooking, polishing boots, discussing football and giving oral sex.....  seeks ...sexy soldier for casual relationship."

That should do. Now I'll just click send.  Should give me and the other sisters some laughs when the reponses roll in!
FS, you can go into smug mode for a little while as  yours was the best this time.     Here is the next one (i know the first one was a little lame

"Following this years RMP crack down at Twickenham, the forces more adventurous members find other Tri service events to prove their boldness".


War Hero
Kit Reviewer
Book Reviewer
Policeman: Do you reckon we should use a wood or an iron?
Steward: No, I think a wedge will do...


Who's going to stick the flag back in the hole?
"Now I've heard of crazy golf, but this is just plain silly."


"I don't care if i's cheaper than buying land, this is not what I meant when I asked to add a hole to the course!"


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its an ARRSE hole!

Sorry, had to be done :).
Ahmed knew the "Jihad Martyrs" suicide bombing training wasn't going well when the recruits course held a reunion at the site of their first mission.
"Ssssh, if we can't see them, they can't see us!"


"Sir, when are we going to buy some doors for this thing?"


"This is the last time I play rugby against a tank!"

And has anyone noticed the forearm with a face and the extra pair of feet ???

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