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Your not the one who likes to do Triathlons then ?


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David - Don't let them buggers on Arrse post your picture, they'll be checking out those ribbons..
Mr_Deputy said:
bloody hell TBS! bit bellow the belt!
nonsense, that is the first genuinely funny thing on here for ages! Well done Wiggy.
"'Fraid it's all I've got on me at the moment Jock old man. Here's five bob for yourself and the rest of the RAF - buy yourself a squadron".

"Hello, Mr Stirrup, Sorry to have saddled you with Mr Fox, but the hunt was on for someone not to give you an easy ride. I don't suppose I could get you to hack your way through those new figures for the defence budget, as ol' George likes to see the quarry before we get into our stride? Ha Ha Ha!"

"Prime Minister, You are indeed a Cunt!"
"You can always tell the quality of a man by whether he looks you in the eye!"

Well, looks like the charisma bypass has worked. It took less than 0.05 seconds from first contact for the crab to fall asleep on his feet.
Watch this Dave, if you hold the hand and I pull the wrist string then then he spouts the party line while the hat spins!
Nice to meet you ... but did you know you've got some cheese string on your uniform?
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