Caption Competition

"If only they'd waited until today to present me with that kukhri..."
"Filleted...and served with a nice Chianti...."
"Is it a wig? is. It is!!"
Despite what he is saying,the cnut with the specs is actually thinking,
"Now then,what expenses should I claim for ,before I get sacked"?
Purdey: "... if he deviates from the speech I prepared for him, I'm going to kick his head into that aquarium we passed in the foyer!"

"Quite frankly I just don't understand the fascination that HM Forces has with gherkins anyway?"
Ms Lumley noticed some faecal matter on woolas' shoulder and ear lobe and thought to herself 'this man is clearly full of shit'
"Yes, I can see daylight through his ears........."


Kit Reviewer
Lummers the pessimist:


In Lumley's perfect diction: "You horrid weaselly wretched little excuse of a man."
"C unt"
Lumley: I've tried everything to get people to listen. I've spoken to poor people with Rastafarian hair and I've even shopped in Lidl!
Mr_Deputy said:
Is this horrid little man's office really what my father faught for?
"Is this horrid little orifice really what my father fought for?"
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