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Caption Competition - The New CINCAIR ACM Simon Bryant addresses RAF pers on HERRICK


Book Reviewer
"So, we'll move this half of the room to the Army, and the rest of you to the Navy. Hand in your RAF uniforms and collect your new Navy or Army uniforms next door.

Oh, by the way - you're all in the Armed Forces now."


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Reviews Editor
I'm sorry, but yes, after sdsr you will all be transferred to the Armed Forces. There will be meetings with union leaders to ensure a smooth transition.


Book Reviewer
So as part of my Sparks tribute band I stood like this for an hour in McCrystals office singing "this town aint big enough for the two of us"
I also told him by geting rid of Burger King, Pizza Hut and Ben & Jerry's you are cutting the RAF's operational effectivness by 90%

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