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"right that settles it.......... now we buy a feckin tumble dryer"
No, there's only blackbirds in those trees....
The operational deployment of the KKK para troop was hampered by Grand Arch Duke Wizard Bubba's mistaken purchase of a 220 Volt motor for their launch device, leading to problems achieving the correct launch velocity.
Tony Blairs new immigration control initiative takes to the skies
The new "Greenhouse Friendly" power generation system, using trained mongs, lighting their farts while strapped to a generating turbine, was found to be much more efficient once the mongs were fitted with aerodynamic headdress.


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Neu Arbeit's (Labour :cry: ) honours screening committee.
"For Godth thake Thergeant, when I thaid 'wight wheel', I meanth that they should go wound the corner!"
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