Captains Seats in MPV's

I've just acquired a Citroen Synergie off a mate. The driver and passenger "captain," seats revolve through 360 degrees, so you can face backwards and have a picnic etc when parked up.
The seatbelts aren't integral to the seat and are mounted on the door pillars, so when the seats face rearwards the belt cannot be used. What I want to know is would it be legal for the front passenger seat to be facing rearwards (not the drivers-obviously) while the car was moving? So Mum could face baby-so to speak.

Thankyou for your replies in advance to my fairly bone question!
Same with a motorhome. Seat belts must be worn at all times when the vehicle is in motion, the only exception is that the driver is not required to do so if reversing.
Dunno really. Bored I suppose. I was thinking it might be legal but the seatbelt thing made me question it, so I wanted a wider opinion. In my defence I knew it was a bone question to start with.
If the seat belt was integral to the seat, so the lot moved a you span the seat around, would that make the seat positioning legal facing rearwards?
And yes, I'm having a slow day.....;-)


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A couple of answers from a Website that knows about this sort of thing:

Simple answer is no and it's illegal.

Since 1983 seat belts must be worn at all times by all passengers were seatbelts are fitted unless that passenger has medical exemption.

If caught not wearing the belt then it's usually a fixed penalty of £60 and it's the passenger not wearing the belt (if over 14) who is responsible for paying not the driver.

I think your vision out the passenger window would be none existent with the chair spun round. I have do it once or twice but had the chair wound back onto the dashboard so I could still see out. It lets you then put extra long pieces of wood etc into the car.
Hope that helps!
how about put mum in the back seat, then turn the chair around and use a baby seat in the front seat?
If you're that desperate, get your missus up the duff again, wait about six or seven months, then get her to visit her GP and obtain a medical exemption certificate on the grounds of advanced pregnancy from having to wear the seatbelt.

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