Captain slap head = the challenge continues

Football Winners have been keeping their slap heads to the ground this week and have some exciting headlines to share with our readers at ……….

Chelsea Chase their Slap Heads

Newcastle Owner Wants a Balance

Liverpool Boss Demands more Shiny Heads

Chelsea has signed Anelka as they are scared that Everton have too big an advantage this season with their abundance of slap heads. Insiders have informed FW that they only signed Anelka to ensure they had a good quota of slap heads.

Newcastle owner Mike Ashley was nervous that he would have an imbalance in the backroom. Mike shared with our secret source that, “Sir Kev has far too much hair so that’s why he has put his differences with Alan Shearer behind him, he needs a legend slap head on the staff.”

Tom Hicks and George Gillett will investigate selling Liverpool football club this week as Rafa wanted more slap heads in the side. They are looking to sell to a consortium of Arabs who appreciate the importance of having a good old slap head in the side.

Thanks to everybody who voted. Thewinner of the first poll is Mr Zidnae. The first profile we will cover will be Zinedine Zidane, he may have recently retired but he remains one of the best ever footballers, and he could give a mean head butt if you did not pass on your best wishes to his mother. Footballwinners are proud to announce that he will be the Captain of our “Slap Head Eleven” – we just now need to build a side around him and we need you to help us do that. E Mail your favourites too .

Zinedine Zidane let himself down as he never embraced the English game by playing in the premiership. He did play between 1988 & 2007 in France, Italy and Spain. He won the Champions League, Uefa Cup, the World Cup and European Cup so was very successful both internationally and at club level. Zidane was undoubtedly one of the best players in the world, so this does go someway to proving that slap heads are the best as he had a very shiny head for most of his career. He also had a fierce temperament – his last ever professional game ended up with him sent off in the world cup for giving an opponent a close look at his shiny head. Watch the following link .

Next week we are looking to announce our goalkeeper – who is you favourite baldy between the sticks? E Mail your thoughts to . You could select one of the following slap heads; Fabien Barthez, Tim Howard, Kasey Keller and Brad Friedel.

We need a rule check - Bruce Grobbelaar was a slap head but he also had a slaptail, (i.e. tried to hide his slap head with a girlie pony tail,) these non believers can be included in the selection of your best slap head keeper!!

Gaz & Pete

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