Captain Scarlet To Become New MI6 Chief


The Government has announced their intention to install the legendary children’s TV character Captain Scarlet as the new chief of Britain’s intelligence service MI6. The decision has received strong opposition from both the Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Party who branded it ‘highly controversial’ and ‘inappropriate’.

The decision was defended by the Government; they explained they feel that Captain Scarlet is the ideal person to fill the position, of which the main responsibility would be the defence of the country against international terrorism


“As far as we know, Al Qaeda do not have the facilities to replace people with evil duplicates.” Keith Wilson assured the public, “But if they did people should remember that Captain Scarlet is indestructible. The Labour Party feels having an indestructible head of Britain’s secret service is a significant opportunity we should not waste.”


One of these men is a puppet. Incapable of thought or self-control his every move has to be carefully manipulated by an intricate net work of strings from above.

The other is Captain Scarlet.
Christopher Story (a foreign policy adviser to PM Thatcher) states;

Golitsyn is probably the most important Soviet defector ever to have reached the West. The reason for this is that he revealed the details of a long-range deception strategy of which the West previously had no knowledge. When debriefed, he emphasized, as he has done ever since, that because of his background of working within the "inner KGB" — a super-secret strategic planning department of which not even ordinary KGB officers were aware — he was uniquely qualified to inform the West about Soviet strategy. One of the superficial criticisms frequently made about Golitsyn is that he has been "out of the loop" since defecting to Finland with his wife and daughter in 1961, so how could he possibly know what was going on? People who say this reveal a failure to understand Golitsyn's significance, and what he has to offer the West.

In summary, Golitsyn's importance is that, unlike all other defectors, Golitsyn discusses and elaborates upon Soviet strategy. By contrast, defectors like Oleg Gordievsky discuss mundane matters concerning the manner of their "escape" from the Soviet Union, perhaps revealing valuable operational information in order to gain the confidence of (in Gordievsky's case) Britain's MI6, before inserting strategic disinformation in their output. Golitsyn is different. He has spent his years in the West explaining patiently that the Soviets follow Leninist strategic principles, and are engaged in a deadly long-term war against the West. The Soviet revolutionaries have followed Lenin's advice to "work by other means."


Obviously, it is highly significant that, unlike KGB officers who have become prominent in the West such as the "two Olegs" — Oleg Gordievsky (who told Mrs. Thatcher how wonderful Gorbachev was) and KGB General Oleg Kalugin — Golitsyn remains under deep cover.
Gordievsky's MI6 handler in Moscow was none other than John Scarlett.

Gordievsky praises Scarlett:
A link from that link

Mr Blair might have chosen to tell the British people that he proposed to invade Iraq because he considered it his moral duty to help President Bush save its people from a brutal dictator. This would almost certainly have been the truth.
I wonder how much more support Bliar would have now if he would have come out with this obviously truthful statement at the beginning instead of the typical NL bullsh!t that we hear today.

Hussein was a cnut that deserved to be got rid off, along with several other dictators that SHOULD now be sh1tting it.

Instead, they are sitting there laughing, knowing that we will not do it again for fear of bad press over the not yet found “WMD’s”

Should have stated from the start, “We are doing this because saddamm is a dictator, he is paramount to Hitler and he is a cnut”, no other proven reason and any other fcuker that tries can expect the same.

Would have sent the word far and wide. With the exception of N Korea and China, the rest would have sat up and looked (ala Gaddaffi), but now, it just looks like a clusterfcuk.

He fcuking lied and as a liar, deserves all the sh1t that is coming to him.
Result of New Labour cutbacks

North Lincolnshire coast - circa. 2012:


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