Captain Scarlet To Become New MI6 Chief

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, May 15, 2004.

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  2. I believe, I truly do believe 8O
  3. [​IMG]

    One of these men is a puppet. Incapable of thought or self-control his every move has to be carefully manipulated by an intricate net work of strings from above.

    The other is Captain Scarlet.
  4. Christopher Story (a foreign policy adviser to PM Thatcher) states;

    Gordievsky's MI6 handler in Moscow was none other than John Scarlett.

    Gordievsky praises Scarlett:
  5. A link from that link

    I wonder how much more support Bliar would have now if he would have come out with this obviously truthful statement at the beginning instead of the typical NL bullsh!t that we hear today.

    Hussein was a cnut that deserved to be got rid off, along with several other dictators that SHOULD now be sh1tting it.

    Instead, they are sitting there laughing, knowing that we will not do it again for fear of bad press over the not yet found “WMD’s”

    Should have stated from the start, “We are doing this because saddamm is a dictator, he is paramount to Hitler and he is a cnut”, no other proven reason and any other fcuker that tries can expect the same.

    Would have sent the word far and wide. With the exception of N Korea and China, the rest would have sat up and looked (ala Gaddaffi), but now, it just looks like a clusterfcuk.

    He fcuking lied and as a liar, deserves all the sh1t that is coming to him.
  6. Result of New Labour cutbacks

    North Lincolnshire coast - circa. 2012: