Discussion in 'Sappers' started by FritzTheCat, Jan 17, 2005.

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  1. What happened to Captain RE? Once a prominent subversive who could be relied on to appear at times of maximum embarrassment to Sqn Comds, CO etc. he seems to have retired. Any sightings or stories out there?
  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Maybe he's on his 3rd back to back in Iraq!!
  3. Aaah, well, Few have had the honour of serving with Captain RE, and Even fewer know his true identity, which makes me one of the VERY few. Capt RE has recently finished his 3rd tour of Iraq, been promoted to SSgt and posted. Unfortunatly I don't know where to though, as I was posted a month before him. I can however confirm that he has hung up his cape (and his Whacker saw, for those who remember his arch nemesis "Whacker Man").
  4. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Those who served in Gorazde in 94/95 will remember his tumultuous battle with SuperInfanteer in the vehicle park (rolling about in the mud, slapping each other), and their subsequent joining forces to go and torture the RLC Bath & Laundry Unit. :lol:
  5. msr

    msr LE


    Get yourself over to the Tall Stories forum and fill your boots :)

  6. It may be time for a new Capt RE, trained by the original- superheroes always need a sidekick. What is his current location? I'm sure he would be happy for his mantle/ goggles to be handed on to an apprentice.
  7. i also had the pleasure of serving with him,although he no longer got the kit on he was my pre cadre sgt and he told us a few storys,one involving cutting into a corimec while he was "whacker man" classic,we need more people like him not scared to do stupid shit
  8. Having served closely with Capt RE and seen a number of hilarious exploits, i can confirm his locaton as HQ 1 Div Herford as advisor to the GOC on morale to the troops.(well he's in HQ 1 Div anyway)
    However, he's passing himself off as a mild mannered electrician / Bowman advisor.

    Footnote: if your reading this Cap'n, STOP NICKING MY SURFBOARD!!!!
  9. J3sus - Now there's a memory from the past! I found a picture of Captain RE taunting the RSM in Bugonja in 95 last week when prepping for a move to the US! Brought back loads of memories. Glad to hear he's now a staffy and hasn't blown himself up from working live! - Anyone remember the grief from the RBGW due to the recurring Captain RE imposed powercuts during their O groups! All the best to any of the guys from 23 who've posted - Top Squadron! Slacky (the happy hat)
  10. I actually spoke to him a couple of days ago. He's livin it large back in Germany with some cushy IT/Bowman Job. We definatly need a new superhero. Life is so much duller without one.
  11. Ahh Capt RE, I went on a course with the said morale boosting chap. Whilst working hard in Bosnia he apparently went to see his then Sqn 2i/c while the OC was on RnR. Now the poor 2i/c was sat in his office when Capt RE burst in........and very quickly finds a rather very senior Officer in the office! As Capt RE departs to help Sappers in Macedonia, the Senior officer in question bellows "who was that man" and the 2i//c replies "No one knows who the masked man is" Classic!!

    Don't forget he was interviewed by BFBS and promptly fell out of the window (1st floor) No harm to our hero!

    The world is better place for men like that!
  12. I had the honour of serving with this bastion of sapperness in the Amph Sqn. God help me, I was stuck in a panzer with him in Poland for 8 weeks. He assures me that Captain RE had been retired, mainly due to his increasing infirmity and the numerous injuries he had recieved (jumping off warehouse roofs, falling down hills etc) from battling Wacker Man.

    Cheeringly, his alter-ego is still as mad as a fish - he managed to set the panzer on fire 3 times, roll it once and possessed the greatest collection of porn known to mankind. Truly a legend of our time!

    And now he commands men. Be very afraid.
  13. The man himself, Gorazde 1995.


    Note the GG table!! lol
  14. I had the privilege of serving with the man in question when we were in Kosovo Polje. He was an absolute leg-end if ever i met one, and if i admit it a bit of a hero in my 18/19 year old eyes. If the corps will take me back after university i look forward to meeting him again.
  15. can't say i have ever had the pleasure of meeting the man in person, but if he is a sparkie i may have met his alias during the last 20yrs. but he does sound like a head-the-ball i knew who was a "riggy" whichever he sounds like a thoroughly decent fella but as a sparkie that goes without saying!!!!