Captain Pervert

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Soldier_Why, Dec 19, 2003.

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  2. It says that he stood 'Ramrod straight' in the Courtroom. By all accounts that's not the first time he's done so in front of a group of men. :lol:

    He'll not go to jail though.
  3. "Once seen as a brilliant young officer, faces up to two years in military prison before being kicked out of the Army".

    What an intelligent bloke. Did he ever think he could get away with all those incidents?

    Or, could be innocent but a bit of a coock in his Bn, and has been stitched up by the one's he's pee'd off. Suprised if he gets time inside.
  4. I can't open that link - is the story somewhere else or can you paste it on here?
  5. There you go kidda:

    CAPT PERVERT Dec 19 2003

    Royal Scot faces jail for preying on troops

    By Alastair Mcqueen

    A PERVERT Scots Army captain was facing two years jail last night for a string of sex crimes against male and female comrades.

    Posh Roderick Bryce-Stafford, of the Royal Scots, offered to perform a gay sex act on another captain and a signaller.

    He also tried to blackmail twowomen soldiers into sex with him by plotting to catch them in the act with their boyfriends.

    Married Bryce-Stafford promised a soldier a good report if he let him perform a sex act on him.

    And he performed a sex act on himself in front of two squaddies, while urging one of them to talk dirty to him.

    Bryce-Stafford, 31, preyed on troops serving in Kosovo and Ulster. He was found guilty of seven charges by a court martial yesterday, including one of disgraceful and indecent conduct.

    The former private school-boy stood ramrod-straight as the chairman of the judges told him: ''We are not excluding the possibility of a custodial sentence.''

    Bryce-Stafford's wife of five months, Sarah, sat behind him and wept. He reached back to comfort her.

    Sentence will be passed in January. Bryce-Stafford, once seen as a brilliant young officer, faces up to two years in military prison before being kickedoutofthe Army.

    Lieutenant Colonel Graham Coombes, prosecuting, said Bryce-Stafford used his rank to commit sex crimes and put his soldiers through ''mental trauma''.

    Bryce-Stafford offered to perform a sex act on another captain in an officer's mess in Ulster in January 2002.

    The other offences all took place in Kosovo.

    Bryce-Stafford asked his male clerk to let him catch him having sex with his girlfriend, so he could blackmail her into letting him join in.

    He told another couple he would keep watch if they wanted to have sex.

    Bryce-Stafford offered to perform a sex act on the man, a signaller. The woman, Corporal Nicola Smillie, gave evidence at the court-martial in Colchester, Essex.

    An army driver was asked to make a date with his girlfriend so Bryce-Stafford could catch them and blackmail the woman into sex with him.

    And the captain performed a sex act on himself in front of two male soldiers behind the camp cookhouse.

    Bryce-Stafford denied all the charges.
  6. Private School
    The Army

    If he was an alcoholic they would let him loose in a distillery as punishment
  7. Steady tiger - I didn't write it!! Some Jake like person wrote it!
  8. And he should go down for it.

  9. nowt bad about trying to get good coms........however :?
  10. Isn't that what got him into bother in the first place? :lol:
  11. Soldier_Why

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    Well it was a 'camp' cookhouse after all! :D
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  13. Soldier_Why

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  14. I can't get the record to load - what did Ram-Rod get?
  15. Soldier_Why

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    `There is no place in the Army forofficers who abuse their position and rank' JUDGE ADVOCATE JACK BAYLISS Officer got his kicks preying on soldiers

    By Alastair Mcqueen

    A PERVERT officer was jailed and kicked out of the Army in disgrace yesterday for preying on soldiers of lower rank.

    Roderick Bryce-Stafford was told by a judge: ''There is no place in the Army for officers who abuse their position and rank.''

    The 31-year-old captain in the Royal Scots had been described at his trial as one of the brightest and most talented officers of his generation.

    But yesterday, his career was in ruins as he appeared before a court martial for sentence.

    He was found guilty last month of seven charges of conduct prejudicial to good order and military discipline, including one of indecency.

    The court in Aldershot, Hampshire, heard how he targeted other soldiers while on peacekeeping duties in Kosovo.

    Among a catalogue of abuse, he had offered to perform a sex act on a fellow captain in the Royal Scots on the night of the commanding officer's birthday in Ballykelly, Northern Ireland.

    Bryce-Stafford also tried to get soldiers to lure their girlfriends to their rooms for sex so he could blackmail them into allowing him to watch or join in.

    In addition, he asked a soldier to perform a sex act in front of a female soldier and asked soldiers to join him to watch pornographic videos.

    Judge Advocate Jack Bayliss told him: ''You grossly abused your position as an officer and the acting rank of major which you held at that time. As an officer, you are entrusted with the welfare of those over whom you are placed in authority.''

    In sentencing Bryce-Stafford to three and a half months in prison, he added: ''We do not think dismissal is sufficient punishment to reflect the gravity of your wrongdoing.

    ''We have a duty to show to the junior ranks and the British public that such abuses of trust and power by officers will be punished.''

    As the judge spoke, Bryce-Stafford's wife of six months, Sarah, 29, rushed from the courtroom.

    She had travelled from Edinburgh for the hearing and was flanked by her father, David, 62, a retired lecturer, and Bryce Stafford's father, Ken.

    Bryce-Stafford's younger brother Malcolm is also an officer in the Royal Scots, whose regimental motto is No One Attacks Me With Impunity.

    Earlier, the court was told Roderick Bryce-Stafford was a pervert and a liar.

    Prosecutor Lieutenant-Colonel Graham Coombes said: ''He used his rank to instigate situations where his behaviour ranged from highly improper to disgraceful and indecent involving a total of seven separate soldiers.''

    He added that Bryce-Stafford had caused ''considerable damage to relationships, not to mention mental trauma to the soldiers involved''.