Captain Nichola Goddard 1RCHA - Condolences.


Ne Obliviscaris.
She is Commonwealth , she is one of our own.

Condolences to the family, colleagues and friends of Captain Goddard. We will remember you
RIP and depest respect to her family and friends.
Wonder if the Person who pushed for women to be placed in combat detachments will now stand up and justify their beleifs.
Rest easy ma'am.



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I remember watching a doc series a few years ago on female officers at sandhurst and a year afterwards with their units, Green rose or something. One of the better candidates (allegedly) was an artillery officer who was training for an infantryrole in NI. Bearing in mind the above, are women officers/soldiers in the artillery deployed in infantry roles on telic/herrick etc? I be just a lowly reservist i know no better!
A Soldier of the Commonwealth may she RIP

Condolances to all concerned

( is it me or do we all seem to be posting such comments on a for too regular basis!)

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